Know how to design your custom made horse stable

Posted by PARTIK on August 1st, 2017

Being a potential buyer of the horse stable, an excellent choice is to go through the internet web pages where you can find a number of manufacturing companies specialize in standing as well as portable havens for animals. Since the class of stables depends to the highest degree in terms of their size, features and budget, you should always look for bespoke horse stables that are designed and built as per your requirements. From that viewpoint, buyers should consider the following points while making a design plan and before talking to a manufacture.

The type of horse stable

Considering that you have a basic idea about stables, it should be said that while planning for the size of the stalls, you’ve two options. Either you can think of flexible or adjustable stalls or standing static stalls. Typically, for static stalls, you must stick to a minimum size, i.e. 3×3 meter to 3.5 sq meters. The better choice is 3.5 sq meter; however, for loose or modifiable stables, you can even go for 1.5 or 2.5, and later they can be further modified as per the size and age of the animal. Think wisely so that the horses can lie down without any difficulty.


While horse stables must be made out of heavy duty timber, the compartment walling should be at least 1.5 meter high. Commonly, for necessary ventilation and passing of light the top of the compartments should have a net while there should be windows for natural light flow and aeration. It is recommended to prepare the stable with maximum number of windows that keep the area odor free, hygienic and lively for horses. The windows should have glass windows with very sturdy mesh inside. Sliding windows are best preferred.


As said above the minimum width should be 3 to 3.5 meters. However, you should also consider the necessity of using hay containers in each stall. The manger size should be accommodated within the stall size.


Buyers go for both sliding doors as well as one side opening doors. The sliding door is ideal because that saves the space of 1.2 to 1.5 meters of space which is typically the size of the door. You can use doors with bolts, however, make sure that the animals stay inside cannot undo them by themselves. The grain room should have locked the door.

Floors / Ceiling

Among the most popular flooring, concrete or marble floors are top south of. The well-heeled community prefers using rubberized materials in order to provide higher comfort to the horses. The cost effective floor is obviously the soil, which keeps the place noise free, comfortable and warm. Nevertheless, maintaining earth floor is rather difficult than all its counterparts. Regular cleanliness of the floor is a must. The ceilings must have minimum height that enable horses raise their head effortlessly.


Remember, electrical wiring and lighting system must be safe for your animals. Using cage lights in mobile stables is the best choice, and think of having the wiring system completely concealed. Last but not least, the lighting and wiring of horse stables should be made safe for the horses. Lights should be put in such a way that each counter or stall has a dark area. Switches should be used on the outer part.

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