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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 1st, 2017

Business gifts, including many categories, such as office supplies, luggage gifts, digital electronics, health and leisure, home furnishings, etc., nowadays as a business and business exchanges between the feelings, as the most popular size of the company's business office gift category Most of the more practical. Such items are pen series, diaries, calendars, briefcases, folders, contacts and so on. In addition, the trendy popular gift is also Cartier love bracelet replica highly respected, in the gift industry almost every year new products launched to meet the market innovation and change the psychological. May we hear a business office gifts that products must be more routine, although with practicality, may be retained for a long time, because there is not much new thing Well, so will not love for too long, and today Xiaobian to change everyone's inherent Concept, recommend several creative business office gifts, from Germany's top business office designer brand one of the Philippi, very creative design concept, get the hands of you will definitely think that is a different business office gifts, this is the legend In the tall it! Business office gifts can also be very creative! 1.Philippi desktop pen holder - creative tilt angle, is to make ordinary pen holder different, but the fixed point of the Cartier love ring replica design to ensure that it can be firmly placed on the desk, not rolling away! 2.Philippi magnifying glass break letter knife - cute villain vividly on the table, that is, the paper is a magnifying glass, the head is also a demolition knife, it is a texture of a commonly used office supplies, There will not be finished to lose the feeling. 3.Philippi portable folding Hyun black alarm clock - you must say that this is not an alarm clock, it can be folded up, on the bag when the travel is very convenient, Hyun black color and simple sense of the line, so that your side Everything is multiplied. 4.Philippi desktop calendar - alloy magnetic material, will be separated from the product itself, around to push to change the date, thick material so that it can also be used as a paperweight. 5.Philippi tie storage box - you estimate and have to say, the tie box is necessary to be good, of course, necessary! Tie business men can best represent the identity and image of one of the items, if you can put the tie box also requires so fine, then you are absolutely fine on the elite! This section of several Philippi business office gifts, originality of the design, people wonder the designer imagination imagination of the infinite space, let you infinite experience of the art of profound. Creative business office gifts is not the general requirements and standards, different, you can be outstanding!

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