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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 1st, 2017

Beijing International Fashion Week now has 15 years, people like to call a major birthday for the birthday. In the past 15 years, China's garment industry has grown from scratch. Because before the excessive barren, so that the pace of development is particularly Cartier love bracelet replica radical. But in this fought inside the designer, the model of various industries are contributed to the people. BQ invited the Beijing fashion industry veterans to tell themselves and fashion week cause - everyone follows the Beijing Fashion Week for 15 years, if in accordance with the calculation of marriage, 15 years is crystal marriage. Fortunately, the young boy into a strong life, which 15 years we did not grow old, but more and more strong. A common road, happy birthday, I wish you all have a more gorgeous future than crystal. Heart, is not going to write such a thing, although some people say that you have been in this circle for more than ten years, with the fashion week has also been 18 times, you must feel deep, write out moving. Really? To avoid writing such Cartier love ring replica things, do not want to begin to remember in this age, after all, this life and fashion week closely linked, as early as the years have said that because the fashion week, life and life so that the gentleman has twice a year physiological cycle The November 2 evening after the awards ceremony, habitual holding their own camera standing on the camera, through the camera watched the dial of the audience, familiar or do not know people walked around, leaving the Beijing Hotel. It seems that this has become the end of each fashion week, can give yourself a trace of comfort behavior. Looking at many days of noisy places, those carrying a lot of fashion bright building in the hands of workers in the decomposition, discrete, Beijing Hotel C banquet hall of the hustle and bustle gradually silent, and my heart always some nostalgia. What about nostalgia? 12 years, has been accustomed to the time in the fashion week, and friends from all over the country gathered, laughing in the rich in their own life; used in the fashion show music sounded the moment, passionate inner; Several occasions between the busy running around, and the color of the exchange of ideas such as pleasure; used to look through the camera to think of their own beauty and record those years the same Replica Cartier love bracelet face; the same, but also used to bring the fashion week friends Of the scattered parting.

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