How To Get Your Articles Seen By More People

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

As the owner of 6 article sites and 4 article blogs, I am offering some tips to get your articles seen more. More views, more clicks, more money.

1. Proofread your article. Proofread your article. Proofread your article. You would not believe how many spelling and grammatical errors I see.

2. Follow the submission guidelines. Some sites allow links in the article, most don?t. Some sites all 3 links in the author's resource box, some allow only 1 or 2.

3. Check and double check your links in the resource box. I have seen many times where the HTML is incorrect and your link is not clickable. I also see improperly formatted HTML which will mess up the page. This is usually from not closing tags.

4. Many article sites automatically send email telling you that your article was accepted. Click the link, visit the site, and if you can social bookmark your article, do so. This will result in more links to you site and more people reading your article.

5. If you have a web site, link back to the article directory. This helps the article site with more links which will eventually result in a higher Google page ranking. This, in turn, will get more eyes on your articles.

6. If your article was declined, read the reason why. Most of us will tell you what the problem is. If the problem continues (like having too many links) I simply delete your account. I am not mean. I give many chances before I delete the account. Please, with all of my sites and looking at hundreds of articles everyday, it is frustrating seeing the same authors violating the same guidelines.

7. Establish yourself as an expert. Most article scripts have a setting for experts. Some set it at 10 articles. Some set it at 200. Just keep submitting

8. Keep submitting on a regular basis. An article a day or three to five per week.

9. Vary your resource box. Be personable and tell a 2 or 3 sentence story about yourself. Change them up for a little variety.

10. Write articles ? not advertisements. I receive numerous short ads with tons of links and no content. Automatically deleted. This is just another form of spam.

Article marketing can be very profitable if done properly. It can be even better if you help us article directory sites help you. The more popular my sites are, the more your articles will be seen.

Tell your friends to post articles to my sites, social bookmark your articles, and link back to my article directories.

I am not asking you to click anything on my sites, buy anything from my sites ? just post articles that the search engines will love and we will both benefit from. Thanks.

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