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Posted by Wen on August 2nd, 2017

It's a childish way to look at things, but when NFL 18 Coins sports work best, they turn us all into little kids. Whiny and wide-eyed, with nothing to do but watch. Because kids can't step back contextualize something they've never seen before.And we've never seen a team quite like the Miami Heat before. Or a player like

Kevin Durant. Or a league with this much talent concentrated at the top. We can contextualize things later, but for this year, all we can do is watch. And root against the Heat, of course. Welcome to 2010.And you didn't think we'd let the

NBA season begin without rolling out a massive preview, did you? In the spirit of the 2010 season, let's run down the league in black-and-white terms. Good vs. Evil. Today, a look at the Western Conference in Part One, and tomorrow, the East in Part Two, along with picks for the title.

MVP, etc.But before we get started, this Cheap madden mobile coins seems like the Preview-ish thing to do. Remember the caste system mentioned earlier? Here's what the West looks like in those terms (and since SB Nation's NBA blogs kick ass, the relevant team blog is in https://www.mmogo.com

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