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Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on August 2nd, 2017

Now that property market is gradually witnessing the extinction of the buy to let landlord, your mortgage advisor Lincoln has forecast good times ahead for first time buyers, as in other parts of the UK. There may not be a better time to own a property, one or two bedroom houses for young adults who are yet to make a debut in the property ladder. This is where a mortgage broker Lincoln can help.  

Taking advantage of falling home prices

With the volumes of lending to landlords now out of the picture, banks are wooing the first time homebuyers with a low interest rate. While London is primarily at the receiving end due to Brexit and other factors, the surrounding towns or cities are mainly affected by the decline of buy to let landlords as they hold on to a more localized market. So, for a first time buyer, Lincoln or its neighbourhood may be a place to start looking for new home. It is a few hours away from the city. With the prices comparatively lower and aided by the falling prices, a mortgage broker Lincoln will be able to get the best deal for those who don’t have much of a security to furnish against their loan.

How a mortgage advisor can help you?

They can help you to get on the right track with their invaluable advice and their experience in dealing with estate agents. Acting on your own, you may find more than one complications ready to dampen your dreams about your first house. However, when you take the help of a mortgage broker you will be able to own a house in a few months time without much hassle. The legal requirements are different for self-employed citizens or freelancers and for those on a payroll. All these details will be furnished and you will be advised on how to show your profits in the best possible manner over the required period of time.

The requisites also differ if you wish to buy a new build property under the Help to Buy scheme, a council house or you are planning to buy-off from your landlord. The key is adding up the right figures to get you a loan. For instance, a freelancer can get one depending on how much they have saved on the deposit and the amount they can pump up from their help-to-buy ISA and profits filed under the last two tax forms. This is just an example of how a qualified mortgage advisor Lincoln will guide you.

This is a favourable time for you if you still haven’t had the courage to buy a house. So, let a mortgage advisor Lincoln show you the right way. The government is giving a lot of push to the first time buyer market. Considering that there is a lot of subdued demand amongst this group, the fall in house prices will be cushioned. So, a negative equity situation will not arise, thereby keeping a new buyer protected in case they wish to remortgage or sell or release equity. If you are ready to take the lead then you can hire a mortgage advisor Lincoln to help you sail through.

It is with the help of a good mortgage broker Lincoln that you will be able to take advantage of the favourable conditions to buy a house for the first time. Let a mortgage advisor Lincoln guide you with their experience.

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