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Posted by Salem Montakah on August 2nd, 2017

Would you like to get two degrees in the same time it takes to get one? If you ask this question to students all over the world, not many would disapprove of the same. However, is it possible to do so? It can surprise you that the Al Nasser University in Yemen offers some of the best dual- degree programs in the world.

You have these double degrees in course such as accountancy, financial management, etc. These subjects have a common link. Most of the subjects you learn in these streams of finance and accountancy are common. Hence, if you study each degree separately, you find duplication of your efforts unnecessarily. You end up learning the same lessons again.

This prompted Al Nasser University to condense the two degrees into one whereby you learn the individual subjects and complete a dual degree in the same amount of time it takes you to complete one. No wonder, the courses can become a bit extensive. Nevertheless, you should not mind putting in the extra effort when you can get two degrees in quick time.

The advantage of pursuing these dual degree programs is that you save one year. Secondly, you become ready for contesting in the employment market. Naturally, you have an advantage over similar students having a single degree. Any employer would like to look for a higher qualification. When he has a choice between two persons of equal capability, he will naturally opt for the person with the dual degree rather than the person with only one degree.

Secondly, you can save on your costs as well because you do not have to spend again on procuring your second degree. The similarity in the subjects makes it advantageous for you to opt for a dual degree program instead of a conventional single degree.

Having a dual degree can also be useful in case you opt to specialize in any one of them. You have a choice between two subjects. This would not have been the case had you opted for a single degree course. For more info visit http://www.al-edu.com/

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