It?s A Visit Worthwhile to the Pop-Surrealism Art Galleries in Amsterdam

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Painters and their masterpieces, be it Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” or Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, have excited art connoisseurs for centuries. Such masterpieces, not only bear the painter’s signature style but also take inspiration from the popular contemporary art styles. Through the years, various art styles such as Abstract Art, Minimalism, and Futurism have gained popularity through the works of eminent painters, and even today, newer styles of art continue to gain prominence. One such relatively new, but exceedingly popular art style is Pop-Surrealism of which the artist, Kamiel Proost is the perfect proponent. His art galleries in Amsterdam showcase paintings influenced by pop surrealism, Mexican tattoos, and dreams. No wonder, his galleries are worth a visit!

What is Pop Surrealism?
The genre of Pop Surrealism or Lowbrow art has roots in the punk music, underground comix, and hot-rod cultures of the street, and a sense of humor. Essentially, when the artists manage to blur the high and low lines in art, it gives way to pop surrealism. While surrealism is the art based on unconscious and dreams, pop art is all about mundane and superficial things. Pop surrealism, therefore, combines the contents into satirical pieces of art that immerse in fantasy but ironically point out the social and political issues of a nation.

How did the unconventional movement of Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism art begin?
Pop surrealism originated in the late 1970s, in Los Angeles, as an underground visual art phenomenon. Initially, the art world was shocked to see such an unconventional art style gaining prominence, and criticized these art works for their loud and impish take on the world. Well, not anymore! Lowbrow art has now transformed to pop surrealism and is getting immense popularity, through the works of R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Robert Williams, and now, Kamiel Proost.

How do the pop surrealist painters of today implement their ideas?
Pop surrealism blurs the boundaries of pop culture and surrealism, and in the process, creates an exquisite, yet contemporary art works. Earlier, painters had limited tools to depict their thoughts onto a canvas. With the advent of the new millennium, however, there are a number of ultra-modern and computer-based techniques that pop surrealist painters have at their disposal. What’s so amazing about these artworks is that they are highly-detailed, sometimes with discomforting images so as to display the contemporary issues, are psychedelic, distinct, and alluringly powerful.

Should you be a surrealist art fan and in Amsterdam, the best art galleries in Amsterdam will have you captivated.

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