Gpl License: Brief Explanation

Posted by Binadox Solutions on August 3rd, 2017

Software licensing is very crucial nowadays. It is a type of agreement which exists between the company that makes software, and the end user who purchases or downloads the software to make use of. It is designed to keep the copyright of the software with the maker or the user who buys it and it can put a stop to software piracy or duplicating the software or installing it on more than single computer. There are some licenses intended for software usage that are available free of cost or some you have to pay to buy license.

Generally free software compliance licenses that are widely used by billions of users known as General Public License. On the whole, it allows end users to copy and distribute and change software whenever they want with authorization. This means you can:

  • Copy the software:Copy the software onto your own servers if you are a software developer, or your client’s servers, your own PC, anywhere you want. There’s no maximum value to the number of copies you can create.
  • Distribute the software:you need to just provide a download link on your website. You can also put the software on a USB drives and offer them away. Users need to print out the source code to make use of the software.
  • You can ask for nominal fees:If you like to charge someone to endow with the software, set it up on their website and help them get access to the software usage. However, you must offer them a duplicate of the GNU GPL, which mainly informs them that they could possibly find the software free of charge. You can ask for nominal charges to provide them the link of software.
  • Make whatever amendment you want: If you like to include or eliminate some functions on the software, you can proceed. If you want to make use of a section of the code in a different project, you can. The only condition is that the added project must also be out under the GPL.

To bring the GPL into play, you have to incorporate certain information in the software’s code, accompanied by a copy of the license.

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