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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The purpose of this brief article is to solicit some traffic to my website As a disabled author, of little means, I am unable to pour in the massive dollars necessary to make my thriller~mystery novel For Sale By Owners:FSBO a bestseller. Okay, so maybe it isn?t bestseller material anyway? I have posted some Chapter Samples there to allow potential book buyers to taste some of the flavor and meet several of my major characters.

On my website, visitors should find some features of interest, even if they do not wish to order my novel from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else. In addition to Free Reprint Articles, information on Multiple Sclerosis, disabilities, and links to related sites and groups are included.

And, yes, there is purchase information on my other two ?Out of Print? poetry books, Beacon© and Imperfections© which I am told have become ?Collector?s items.? Again, some of my poetry and songs are on the site to read ~ if one so chooses.

I grew up in a logging camp in Eastern Oregon, Izee. It is long gone but my memory of Izee is yet with me. I have begun to write a book about my youthful adventures, ?IZEE ~ Growing up in a Logging Camp,? and have included some early chapters under the website heading ?Work In Progress.? Other authors have barrowed from these to include in their own works. My Developing Spiritual Understanding is here also.

There are true Crime Victim?s Accounts now, and there will likely be more. Guest authors are invited to submit material to be considered for inclusion.

There is even a promotional banner inviting those who wish to make some money which is worth clicking. I bought into the program and I am most delighted. With all of other the ?Internet business? opportunities that I have invested, I have been disappointed. With this one, I?m not. Check it out!

I do ask for feedback from visiters but must request that any comments be sent to"> as my e-mail and contact connections at the website do not always function properly ~ due to my inexperience at being a so called webmaster. I will get better. In the meentime, I do not want to miss what you have to say.

I realize it might be unusual to make a blatant request for visitors. Yet, I have learned that honesty is an asset, which always has served me well in my varied pursuits. If this article is successful in generating traffic, I will write another ezine article and post it to that effect.

Thank you,

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