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Why Website Speed and Design are Important to Make or Break your Ranking?

Posted by webpageme on August 3rd, 2017

When you are looking for something online and finally hunt down a website related to it, surely it makes you happy. But when the site takes a long time to load completely even when your internet speed is more than enough, doesn’t it frustrate you? I am sure it does. The revolving circle on the browser irritates you and as a result, you come out of that website. Maybe you will find some other site on the internet, but do you know how much this irritation affects the website that you just closed?  It increases the bounce rate. Be rest assured that if the site’s speed is slow, you are not the only user who is contributing to the increasing bounce rate of the website. Now, if you are a brand and the same thing happens on your website too, do you think your potential consumers will stay with you? When you will be logging into your Analytics account, you will get a clear picture of the increasing bounce rates too. Surely you don’t want this to happen to your website, right? Hence, it is important to take care of the site loading speed.

While taking care of the speed, many designers ignore another major factor of a website too. No matter how fast a site loads on the browser, if the user lands on a cluttered website where he doesn’t find any direction, he will immediately leave the page. Now, from this fact, it is clear that along with the speed you have to take care of the functionality of the website design too. So, when you are hiring website design company Australia, it is necessary for you to explain to them why you need to take care of these two factors. Are you worried because you don’t have a clear idea of these two factors yourself? Take a look at the following discussion to get a clear idea.

Speed of the Website

People have a very short attention span online, hardly of 8 minutes. So, when they are clicking on a link, they want the site to be open by 3 or 4 seconds. If it takes longer, the users tend to click on the other links from the search results. Surveys conducted by Google indicate that around 40% of users abandon a site if it doesn’t load within three seconds.  If you are a business website, it is going to seriously affect your website traffic. In the case of ecommerce site, a huge number of potential sales can go away like this. This is not all. When the user is hitting the back button, he is not just unhappy with your website but also with the search result of Google too. Now, this doesn’t go down well with the company. That is why the search engine giant gives a higher ranking to those websites which have a greater page loading speed. So, for business and ecommerce website design Australia, taking care of the website speed is extremely necessary.

Design of the Website

Now, when the user is already on your site, he will look for a clue on how to navigate. To help him, you need to have a proper search filter, prominent Call-to-Action buttons, smoother navigation and in the case of ecommerce website, a hassle-free payment gateway. If your website is failing to fulfil even one aspect of these, you will contribute to the mounting frustration of the user. Surely he doesn’t have the time to figure out everything all by himself when he is visiting you. Now if you are thinking that his landing on the page will increase your pageview, then you are delusional. Since the visitor is not engaging in anything on the site, this traffic is pointless. Moreover, a user takes 10 seconds to understand if the website is user-friendly or not. So, if he goes out before that, then it will increase the bounce rate. Hence, all your hard work and investment on website design Australia will become useless. So, it is necessary that your site remains user-friendly.

Since you have a clear perception of these two factors now, what are you waiting for? Hire a reputed company for website design Newcastle or in any other city in Australia and set the ball rolling.

Author Bio

David Martin is a famous blogger and associated with a website design company Australia. He has immense knowledge of ecommerce website design Australia. Read his article to know about website design Australia and Newcastle.

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