What are different types of trading styles which are preferred by traders ?

Posted by epicresearchindore on August 3rd, 2017

Stock market offers traders and investors with ample opportunities to invest and earn good returns. Because of presence of variety of opportunities many different types of trading styles can be applied here. Also every individual has its own psychology therefore choose a trading style which matches your personality. To ensure your good earnings services like mcx tips , trading tips and more can be used.


Some popular styles of trading are discussed below :


1) Day trading


Day trading means position will be squared off within the same trading day. This is most commonly practiced by retail traders in Indian stock market and their position in market is squared off before the market closing hours. This is a risky form of trading and less experienced traders should not prefer to trader on day basis. It is best suited to people who are least bothered about fundamentals and are satisfied by earning small returns in multiple trades. A successful intraday trader always understand the importance of consistency and if it is maintained then returns can be compounded on monthly or quarterly basis. Fair amount of time is required to be devoted with this type of trading style to track movements of stock market.


2) Swing trading


Just like intraday trading, swing trading is also a form of short term trading. The basic difference between both the style is that they have different time frames. In day trading position is squared of the same trading day while in swing trading it is squared of in more than one day to gain benefits from quote swings. If you like to study price movements of short term using technicals then this style suits you the best.Swing trading is rewarding and here price movements are more predictable.


3) Positional trading


Positional traders try to gain benefits from price movements over a time frame which is comparatively more than swing or day trader. With this trading style, position is generally hold for days to weeks and even months sometimes. This trading style is mostly used while trading in different currency pairs. Traders try to identify pairs which may show large movements. Positional traders study the effect of fundamental factors on longterm basis and then analyze technical factors to decide their entry and exit points. Traders following this strategy expects for higher profit as compare to other trading styles.


These are most popular types of trading styles used by traders. Both beginners and experienced can earn well using them. However beginners often faces difficulty to choose optimum trading style for themselves. Understand the fact that there is no best trading style, know your own psychology and market will teach you the rest. To succeed in market by earning good returns following any style demands for good market knowledge. If you are not having good knowledge about market or do not have sufficient time to devote then you can use financial advisory services as well. Such experts recommendations are helpful for better management of risk and return.



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