Hong Kong watch how to buy watches?

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 3rd, 2017

Hong Kong is a good place to shop because of exchange rates and tariffs. The price of many products are much cheaper than the mainland. If you buy watches in Hong Kong how? Here look at the Hong Kong watch to buy Raiders it!
Hong Kong is not large, but the size of the table is no less than 1000, these table lines are mainly distributed in the city’s famous shopping district, Kowloon Peninsula’s table line mostly concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, Mong Kok area, and Hong Kong District by Causeway Bay , Wan Chai all the way to the west to Admiralty Central area of these areas of the table can be divided into high-end and high-end.
If you want to choose the top brands, such as PP, Vacheron van cleef clover bracelet replica Constantin, Breguet, Earl, etc., you can go to Admiralty Taigu Square or Central, as 10,000 to thousands of dollars in the watch more concentrated in Wan Chai, Jordan and Mong Kok table line The If the watch the largest number of areas, non-Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui none other than. In these two areas, customers can buy the highest to mid-range and even the cheapest grade of the watch, by the ROLEXOMEGA Tudor to Seiko, Citizen, etc., everything.
For Hong Kong to buy a table, we propose to do more preparatory work, first of all to establish the price of the table budget, if the home near the large shopping malls department stores, especially the big city shopping malls counters or large watch shops, try, compare, write down the model And the price to prepare for a comparison in Hong Kong, while online search comparison under the name of the brand and price, because in Hong Kong will see the rare brand, these jobs are very useful.
The most familiar with the Chinese people are buying Rolex, Omega, etc., the implementation of the Hong Kong unified price, can only enjoy the price of about 9 fold, with the mainland price gap and did not expect large, of course, count, but also cheaper than the mainland Thousands of pieces.
But we suggest that, in comparison, some mainlanders are not familiar with the product like spleen JAEGER-LECOULTRE, Blancpain BLANCPAIN, Audemars Piguet AUDEMARS PIGUET, FRANK MULLER, Amy SCHWARZ ETIENNE, quality and Brand better, you can get a good discount price.
ETA movement eight grade introduction
For a little understanding of the watch industry, ETA these three letters is almost “movement” synonymous, this can be traced back to the late 18th century, the movement of the plant after nearly two hundred years of consolidation, after adjustment, in 1984 Year into the SMH (Swatch Group’s predecessor), and changed its name to ETA SA Fabriques d`Ebauches. So you know EAT movement eight grade? The following watch home to introduce you!
The lowest level – the board is not polished, the escapement structure of the material van cleef clover ring replica is not alloy material, is the general steel and copper.
The second level – the movement has a polished, escapement structure of the material remains the same.
The third level – the movement has a polished handle, plating to make it more beautiful, the use of alloy as the escapement structure of the material, so that the accuracy of temperature changes from the impact.
The fourth level – the same as the third level, but increased the speed of the needle fine-tuning device.
Fifth level – the movement of the board for some small changes, polished, polished have more stringent requirements, with their own movement number, there are slow needle fine-tuning device, use a good alloy material to create sophisticated Escapement structural components, and strengthen the grinding, sent to the Observatory inspection, and engraved on the board with 5-position adjustment and other words.
The sixth level – also has the fifth level of the requirements and production standards. Especially in the escapement wheel, horse, slow needle and other steel parts for chamfering mirror polished, the use of spherical hole stone structure, the gear is also chamfering sand processing, screws also require mirror chamfer processing; such as automatic table, Then use k gold to do automatic disk, so the movement has reached the senior grade should be grade.
Seventh level – in line with the requirements of the Geneva mark movement, in their own factories, their own research and development, design and production of the movement.
The eighth level – and then the senior should be a senior watch teacher to hand to create, to participate in the production of watches and clocks and works, with the Geneva mark production standards. Or in the personal studio, from the structural design, the arrangement of spare parts in the processing, polishing, grinding, testing, combination, including the individual to complete the super complex function of the movement design, manufacture and combination. It is not only the basic function or complex function of the show, is the endorsement of the clock craft, but also pieces of the world of watches and clocks of art.

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