Comprehensive comparison of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s

Posted by chriscui2016 on August 3rd, 2017

Beijing time on September 10, 2015 iPhone 6s was released, although almost two years passed, the old model is still one of the best machines in the current mobile phone market. Apple China official website current price: 32GB 4588 RMB, 128G 5388 RMB, while the third-party channels 32GB 3999 RMB, 128GB 4899 RMB. Note that this price is not fixed. 16GB and 64GB versions have been discontinued. 16GB capacity is not enough and seriously affects the experience. Launched two years ago, the iPhone 6 can still be sold at such high price, even higher than most of the flagship model of current domestic mobile phone, we can see iPhone 6s is really valuable.

Since the release of the iPhone, as of March this year, iPhone shipments are 11.63 billion, 728 million units are still in service (April), the proportion of 62.6%, iPhone holdings and loyalty of the highest. In which iPhone 6s is the second, 18%; the first is iPhone6, 21%. IPhone6s holdings is still very objective, it seems that this machine is particularly popular.

Beijing time on September 8, 2016 Apple released iPhone 7 the best mobile phone in current market. Apple Chinese official website current price: rose gold, gold, silver and black 32GB 5388 RMB, 128GB 6188 RMB, 256GB 6988 RMB; red and bright black 128GB 6188 RMB, 256GB 6988 RMB. Buy from third-party channels cheaper than this, but not too much cheaper, under normal circumstances the price will not be lower than the same version of the iPhone 7500 RMB. JD mall official standard open version 32GB black is 4999 RMB. IPhone7 has a dual Netcom version, the price is cheaper than the whole Netcom.   

IPhone 6s is optional on Rose gold, gold, silver, dark gray (part of the color has been discontinued). Silver and dark gray sales than gold and rose gold low, it looks not very stunning, gold and rose gold is basically a cell phone there, out of it is not so different. IPhone 7 owns Rose gold, gold, silver, new black, bright black and red, compared to iPhone6s removed dark gray. Black, matte texture, will appear different, the golden manufacturing process has been very mature, the manufacturing cost is not high, "rose gold" is no longer "tyrants", black to black; not fingerprints; easy to wear; obvious. Bright black, very bright, will be even more different, stained fingerprints, will be slightly worn, LOGO is not obvious, the back can be used as a mirror Contains nine processes of anodizing and polishing processes. This is a bold attempt to design the industry. Red, matte texture will be even more different, a sense of no black and bright black strong, non-stick fingerprints, easy to wear, LOGO particularly obvious.

IPhone 6s uses the three-stage antenna, iPhone 7 canceled the middle of the two lines, more integrated, if it is black and bright black, almost no sense of the existence of the antenna. Of course, the signal can still be guaranteed. IPhone 7 uses solid button design, changed the iPhone 6s mechanical buttons, durable, responsive, support the intensity of induction; the new Taptic Engine provides vibration feedback.

In all mobile phones iPhone 6s at first launches 3D Touch, which is indeed a revolutionary technology, so that only the experience on iPhone is the best, no one other. Two years later, there is no one android phone pressure screen experience better than iPhone, and even S8 such flagship model can’t beat it. IPhone 7 performance improved and power consumption reduced. Two high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores work together very well. IPhone7 storage capacity doubled, 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Life circle of iPhone 7 is further enhanced. The iPhone6s battery is capacity of 1715mAh, iPhone7 for the 1960mAh. Compared with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 provides up to 2 more hours to use.

IPhone 6s maximum brightness of 500cd / m2 (standard), iPhone 7 for the 625cd / m2, the greater the value in the sun to see more clearly, in the sun to see the basic will not feel hard on iPhone 6s, but not as bright as iPhone7. IPhone 6s is full sRGB standard, about 72% NTSC; iPhone 7 for wide gamut P3, about 96% NTSC. IPhone7 screen color is more vivid, more real. This is the improvement of Phone 7 compared to iPhone 6s screen that effect of video playing will be better.

Above of all, iPhone 7 is almost 1,000 RMB higher than the iPhone 6s, but is valuable for money. Better design, better camera, better flash, stronger performance, stronger battery life, stereo speakers, better color display and splash resistant to water. Might as well it is good option choose to buy refurbished iPhone 6s from HK mobile phone parts shop Cell Phone Age com if your budget is not enough to purchasing a new one.

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