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Hard Lock Fasteners and their gaining popularity in North America

Posted by Fastenersplusintl on August 4th, 2017

Components of massive installations are often held together and locked down in position by puny hard lock fasteners, in a failsafe manner. Designed to withstand heavy vibrations especially in applications that are exposed to the full brunt of nature, hard lock nuts have proved their reliability. Offering a high, unique level of quality, the hard lock nut has courted success in design, by proving the comparable benefits over traditional lock nuts. The simplicity of the design brings about a precise lock down quite similar to the wedge locking principle. Here are a few interesting facts about hard lock fasteners that show exactly why the fasteners are transforming the way nuts are used.

Concave and convex nut combination

Hard lock fasteners involve the use of concave and convex nuts in combination to create a wedge effect. Prior to the development of hard lock nuts, a small wedge used to be driven in between the gap, creating an assembly that is locked. The hard lock fasteners rely on the same principle to keep the assembly locked, albeit in a different manner. The concave and convex nuts are aligned with each other vertically. When it is time to tighten the combination, by a series of tightening motions, the concave and convex positions fit into each other like a cusp. This creates the traditional wedge like locking effect, keeping the combination tightly locked to withstand any form of vibrations whatsoever.

Advanced testing for proving rugged and robust build

Unrivalled testing of the hard lock fasteners proves superior quality and tolerance limits. The nuts are put through a grueling and punishing battery of tests to prove the tolerance thresholds. The quality of the lock nuts meet National Aerospace Standards, testament of the reliability of the nuts. Subjected to high pressure and rapid differences in temperature the nuts have stood the test of time, making them the preferred choice across North America for use in installations.

Extensive use across infrastructure and mechanical applications

These little nuts, find extensive use across projects spanning railways, bridges, towers, wind turbines, electrical equipment etc. Holding various components together, subjected to various forces of nature, the hard lock nuts have remained unmoved, keeping all bolted components in place. Most of the applications involve high speed movement, wind, turbulence, vibrations etc. And the hard lock fasteners have performed admirably across installations without giving way to any of the external and internal forces.

Superior quality materials

The fasteners are made from superior quality materials, rendering the impact of corrosion virtually nonexistent. Despite the forces that act on the nuts, wear and tear is negligible and the combination is built to last long. Available in various sizes, the nuts find applications across all projects, offering reliable and shock proof secure connections, holding massive components together. One of the greatest problems faced by manufacturers had been the effect of corrosion combined with wear and tear. Hard lock nuts have progressed to levels beyond the effects of corrosion and wear and tear.

About the Company:
Fasteners Plus International is a full line fastener distributor, who provides a wide range of standard, metric and custom fastening solutions to users around Chicago, US. They are also an exclusive distributor in all of North America for Hard Lock self-locking nuts, and aims to offer most secure fastening solution for extreme vibration environments.


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