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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 4th, 2017

Buy a diamond ring on the net, attention should be paid to the following points. First, we should choose a pretty diamond brand visibility and reputation, well-known brands of products and services can have a certain amount of security, even to buy diamonds out of the question, also can enjoy the good after-sale service. After choose the right style, people want to see more consumers have to buy to the evaluation of the brand and Fake Cartier love bracelet product, especially wear after a period of time additional evaluation, for couples will buy diamonds have great reference significance. Second, when buying a diamond, not excessive pursuit of low prices. You get what you pay for is in the business world eternal principles, businesses could not earn money. Excessive pursuit of psychological price, is likely to be undesirable businessman use, buy low quality even a fake diamond. Third, in general, more than 30 points of naked drill should be equipped with specialized appraisal certificate. Real diamonds, at least have an international institution identification proof. In many international certificate GIA (the American college of gem) certificate, IGI (college of international gem) certificate, HRD diamond (Belgium higher-order parliament) certificate authority. To ask to the businessman, diamond waist line laser code and the serial Numbers of the appraisal certificate are consistent, but also according to the laser code into the relevant international accreditation agency website to query and verification, to ensure that the certificate is not false. Fourth, don't confuse the difference between platinum and platinum and platinum is white or colorless gold collectively, it contains platinum broadly. But in the merchants, platinum refers to 18 k gold, gold content is 75% of the alloy, And platinum chemical element, code-named "PT", ranked no. 78, in the chemical elements on the periodic table is a kind of more expensive than the gold of precious metals, is the price is three times the platinum, 18 k gold. If people can't tell the difference, is likely to be spent in platinum Cartier nail bracelet replica money buy to 18 k gold. Fifth, when buying a diamond ring, to plan ahead your budget and diamond weight, clarity, color, and cut the general standard, try not to because some words of the customer service, and blindly increase the budget. Real diamond jewelry, as far as possible to the local inspection agencies to recheck, make sure after payment again. Lapis Lazuli, English name Lapis Lazuli, refers to the blue gem. Chinese translation of lapis lazuli is mainly due to the green and blue is close to, symbolically represent pyrite golden, called the lapis lazuli. Granular texture, hardness 5-6, commonly used in ancient times do dye the color, or used in jewelry inlaid or furnishing articles. The best lapis produced in Afghanistan, in addition, myanmar, Angola, Chile, Pakistan and other places also come with lapis lazuli. The best lapis lazuli, is full of green without yellow, white noise. And there came of the cornflower blue and cyan emperor two acura, the qing emperor looks more sedate color, cornflower microstrip in light light blue purple, jade has the deep feeling, good light sensitivity. If it is accompanied by uniform golden pyrite is also quite popular. Now on the market also have synthetic lapis lazuli, if it's a whole bunch of lapis lazuli are the same kind of color, no noise will pay attention to, is likely to be fake. Natural lapis lazuli uneven color, color or depth, and synthesis of lapis lazuli tonal and consistent, color distribution is uniform. Natural lapis lazuli lapis texture is also relatively synthesis is connected Cartier love ring replica fully, synthesis of opaque, feel more rigid, no spiritual. If the distribution of gold, pyrite, natural gold in lapis lazuli tend to be irregular, contour porphyritic or stripes. Synthesis of lapis lazuli the gold in pyrite powder, uniform distribution, the profile is flat. In addition, the synthesis of low density lapis lazuli, pore, if put in water weight will be slightly. In addition, there is a kind of lapis lazuli processing method also relatively common, is the dyeing. Along the jade color often cracks in enrichment, if dip in with cotton ball rod alcohol to wipe, cotton ball will stick with colors. Have a businessman will also argues that lapis lazuli was as a dye, fade also belongs to the normal, in fact natural lapis lazuli and not easy to rub off. Is similar to that of the lapis lazuli the sodalite, color is more close to, but often with white calcite sodalite symbiosis, no lapis golden pyrite inclusion can be recognized as a simple. Additional sodalite on hardness, density were low Yu Qing stone. It is because of Tanzania stone are similar in blue and sapphire blue, many consumers easily confused. So, we should be how to identify the two? The easiest way to distinguish from the hardness and colors. Sapphire mohs hardness is 9, and Tanzania stone is 6.5-7. Relative to the sapphire, Tanzania stone color more gorgeous. Most of the sapphire color slants gray or black, and Tanzania stone color is more blue. Compared with the sapphire, Tanzania stone price is much lower, and more "big". 1-2 carat sapphire is relatively large, and Tanzania stone there is more than a dozen carat. At the same time, most of the stone of Tanzania are clean, clear, sapphire impurities relative will be a little more. In addition, we should how to evaluate the quality of Tanzania stone? Are recognised internationally Tanzania Cartier love bracelet replica stone fund rating according to "5 c" standards, namely, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, confidence and so on characteristics of comprehensive value is higher, the Tanzania stone is rare, the higher the value. Because 90% of the world's Tanzania stone is through international colored gemstone association (ICA) for dealer members, so when buying, should choose color is deeper and Mark with a Mark of Rarity TM (a sign of Tanzania stone foundation) Tanzania stone. It is worth mentioning that appear on the market at present the synthesis of Russian manufacture magnesium olivine as Tanzania stone, and it is difficult to distinguish. In magnesium olive stone to join the elements such as iron, vanadium, cobalt, can make the original olive green presents the violet, become Tanzania stone "double". Consumers, therefore, if you are going to buy a considerable Tanzania stone price, must let the seller show gem inspection certificate authority or to an authority on the spot inspection, otherwise to buy cautiously. Myth: must buy one hundred percent pure natural stone of Tanzania In fact, 95% of Tanzania blue stone on the market at present are after heat treatment. Heat treatment can make the Tanzania stone brown into a blue uniform, and color will be more stable, so most of Tanzania stone with the heating method to remove the color such as brown, yellow or green.

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