imitation Marriage with sapphire cartier ring right?

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 4th, 2017

Speaking of wedding ring, people first impression is copy cartier love diamond ring. In fact, wedding ring can have other options? Metaphor cartier ring.

Sapphire is a blue gem, it is a colored gem, but also a mineral, is corundum, as a mineral, its rare degree is not low, but relative to the diamond is also worse, in addition to diamonds and rubies, it is The third largest gem, its hardness is in addition to diamonds other than the natural hardest natural minerals, made with it imitation ring cartier, the color is more beautiful, gives the sea wide, symbol of loyalty, love, Layer of mysterious colors.

Cartier wedding ring selection there are many, sapphire is also a good choice. Cartier sapphire wedding ring romantic and beautiful, this ring is also a woman’s favorite, although not as imitation diamond ring cartier precious, but it is a symbol of loyalty, loyalty. Its price will not be too high, and the sapphire ring woman will wear more beautiful, good meaning, of course, if it is romantic preferred, or cartier diamond ring is more good, the price is high, but love is more profound. This ring is more representative of love, of course, if it is diamonds and sapphire with the ring that is no better.

Sapphire cartier leve ring fake price is also related to the grade of sapphire, according to gem color, gem weight, gem purity and gemstone cut to distinguish the price, of course, some sapphire replica cartier ring love price also has a relationship with the brand to 1 carat sapphire ring For example, the grade is good at about 10,000 yuan, the difference between the thousands, and 2 karats of sapphire ring, even if the grade is not high, its price is more than 20,000 yuan.

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