What is the size of the cartier ring replica?

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 4th, 2017

Cartier jewelry brand size has been plagued by a lot of consumers, because the cartier ring size is the US version, and the domestic ring size and the size of the US version of the ring is not the same, even in Hong Kong is also the size of Hong Kong to buy their own version. In fact, as long as you have imitation cartier ring size table, then do not have to reunite the ring size problem.

ring cartier knock off size table is actually the US version of the ring size table, the following we first look at the standard ring size table and a variety of versions of the ring size table it!

After reading the cartier leve ring fake size table, we need to do is to determine their own hand size, how to determine the hand there are many ways, the following small series for you to introduce two simple.
1, to the vicinity of the jewelry store for accurate measurement, no jewelry store has a standard measurement tools, the use of these tools we can accurately know their own hand size. If there is no jewelry shop near, then take a look at how to measure your hand at home it!

2, at home using their own tools to measure, in fact, as long as there is a foot and a length of paper on the line.
ring cartier replica size table is not only applicable to cartier this brand, as long as the international diamond ring brand is generally applicable. While the Hong Kong brand is applicable to the Hong Kong version of the ring size table, but no matter what kind of ring size table as long as the conversion can be interlinked.

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