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Posted by Lessa Martin on August 4th, 2017

Have you ever heard about eco friendly tee shirts? Nop, then this article is written specially for you. In the following lines you will explore what is an eco friendly tee shirt and how it is made up. Let’s find it right away!

Before coming to the point, let’s describe the term eco friendly. One such thing that is kind to the environment should

  • Not have been grown in destructive ways.

  • Its manufacturing process should not harm the surroundings

  • The item is sold close to its manufacturing units in order to keep the carbon footprint at the minimum.

Now, eco friendly tee shirts comply by the above norms and hence are kept under the mentioned category. One such tee shirt is increasing in demand among people who love the green living.

Organic cool T –shirts are made up of organic cotton. Yes, you got it right, organic cotton is the type of cotton that is grown without using harmful pesticides or herbicides – chemicals that affect the environment. And not only this, bleaching and dying of the cotton is also done without using the chemicals in order to comply with the high standards. Hence, organic cottons are a natural color. For the color variation, different types of organic cotton used to gain multicolor.

Apart form organic cotton, eco friendly tee shirts use other environment friendly materials such as hemps and linens and bamboo and tencel fibers that is derived from Eucalyptus tree.

Where to buy organic tee shirts

There are many specialist green living companies out there which manufacture organic tee shirts at affordable prices. You can choose one of them on the internet. It can be an online store or a brick and mortar shop to buy a tee shirt form. Before you go shopping, not forget to check with the array on offer at a company. Compare prices from different stores to save money. These stores are known to offer tailored tee shirts in order to cater to their customers. Apart form tee shirts, such stores also sell a wide rang of organic garments. Mens graphic tees, sweatshirts and other accessories are angst them.

Washing care for green living T shirts

  1. Do not dry it under the sun

  2. Wash it by using eco friendly detergent.

Recycling green living tee shirts

When you get fed up with an organic shirt, you can donate it to a charity shop close to your vicinity to get rid of them. They will find a needy person for your T shirt. Boston is dotted with numerous charity institutions that collect used clothes for people in need. Another idea to give your old shirt a new lease of life is adding some decoration. 

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