Difference Between the Diamond Qualities on the Basis of Color

Posted by Laxmi on August 5th, 2017

There are many factors that are considered when the quality of the diamond is the matter of discussion. Some of the most important factors that are considered to determine the diamond's quality are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These four are the major factors on which a diamond is classified in terms of its quality. To Learn About Diamonds in India, the buyers must focus on all the essential factors that specify the quality of the diamond.

But out of these four factors, the most essential element that can instantly specify the diamond's quality is its color. Buyers can get sure about the quality of the diamond just by looking at its color. It does not require any special facts or studies to understand the color of the diamond for knowing about its quality. It just requires an in-depth analysis on the diamond color and the buyer can be sure about the quality of the diamond that they are buying.

The difference in the quality of the diamond on the color basis:

According to Lumera Diamonds the diamonds are basically available in different colors which can be specified as colorless, near colorless, faint color; very light color and light color. All the diamonds under individual categories have different qualities factors and can be viewed and measured on different levels. Let us have a look at the difference in the qualities of the diamonds according to colors:

  1. Colorless Diamonds: The colorless diamonds are the purest form of diamonds and can be considered as the most expensive ones as well. These diamonds do not have any element of imperfection in them and are used and crafted in their natural form. The colorless diamonds have the purest quality and are free from any contamination.
  2. Near Colorless Diamonds: The diamonds under this category have negligible color in them and are very close to the colorless diamonds. These diamonds are the second most diamonds which are expensive. The diamonds under this category are very high in quality but are less than the colorless diamonds.
  3. Faint color Diamonds: The faint color diamonds are the next in the list. These diamonds have a touch of faint colors in them which somehow make them a little lesser in quality if comparing with the colorless and near colorless diamonds. Although, the portion of color is very less, therefore these diamonds are not very less on the quality meter.
  4. Very Light Color Diamonds: These diamonds have some elements of color in them and therefore are categorized as number fourth when measuring the quality of the diamond. The diamonds are little lesser in quality as the addition of even a light color element contaminates the diamonds.
  5. Light Color Diamonds: These are the color diamonds. There are various available colors in the diamonds. Due to the presence of these color elements, the diamond is little contaminated and thus becomes lesser in quality as compared to the others.

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