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7 Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Posted by jmiles on August 5th, 2017

For you to maintain good and active life, your feet must first be looked after. It is the feet that bear the entire weight of our body, thus having unhealthy feet will make it impossible for the other parts of the body to perform their functions. Failing to take good care of the feet can lead to pain and other feet complications which will eventually be expensive to treat. This article will highlight seven key tips necessary to keep your feet healthy.

Ensure your feet are clean and dry

As it has always been said, good hygiene starts with care for one’s own body. Health experts suggest that you should wash your feet at least twice a day and separately dry them. The health experts argue that it is necessary to ensure your feet are dry because fungal infections thrive under moist conditions. According to Dr. Kurtz, excess moisture between the toes creates a great environment for fungal infections. He, therefore, suggest that one should ensure that their feet are dry and watch out for any sign of fungal infection.

Ensure the shoes you wear are spacious and fit

Wearing tight shoes for long periods of time can lead to your feet swelling. Also, tight shoes restrict air circulation thus making the feet to have a bad odor. It is for these two reasons that you are advised to purchase spacious and fitting shoes that allow free movement of the feet and also allow free air circulation. Remember that tight fitting shoes will trap any sweat from the feet thus make them moist, allowing the thriving of fungal infections. Also, tight shoes cause the feet to swell and cause unnecessary pain. It has been advised that one should buy leather shoes which are well aerated and can allow free movement of the feet.

Do not share foot wear

It is true to say that foot-wear like shoes and socks traps the daily sweat from our feet. When you wear somebody’s foot gear, be it shoes or socks, you expose your feet to that person’s sweat. It is also worth remembering that most of the fungal infections are transferred from one person to another through sweat. Therefore, you should never share footgear with somebody else. Keep your footwear in a place where no one else will confuse it with his, so that at no point I time will you wear your friend’s shoes or socks thinking they are yours.

Regular appointment with your podiatrist

It is important to ensure that you visit your foot doctor at least ones every month to get your feet’s condition analyzed. After keen analysis of your feet, the doctor will be able to tell you if your feet are getting infected, prescribe medication for you and advise you on the best foot care to keep your feet healthy.

Regular feet assessment

To ensure your feet remain healthy, you should assess their condition regularly to check for any signs that might indicate an infection such as discoloration. This should be done every time you take a shower and when drying them. This tip is so important to diabetic people because they are more susceptible to foot problems. As you dry your feet, take a closer look at how your feet look like to see whether there are any changes, check in between the toes to see whether the color has discolored, as this might be an indication of fungal infection. If you realize any unusual thing with your feet, visit a doctor immediately.

Regular foot exercise

In order to ensure proper blood flow to the feet, you must do regular foot exercises. This helps to ensure that foot diseases are kept at bay. The best way of caring for your feet is by giving them a proper massage at least ones every week. You should save enough money to purchase the best foot massager which is effective and durable. This foot massager will go a long way in ensuring you maintain healthy feet so that your daily activities are not hampered by feet problems.

Caring for your feet is your own responsibility. You should, therefore, learn the various ways of keeping them healthy and in good condition. Reading through this article will show you the best way to ensure your feet are healthy.

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