you can make a good Cartier love bracelet replica male mature and stable charm

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 7th, 2017

Men's tourmaline ring to buy Gem processing accessories can be seen everywhere in daily life, and the tourmaline ring is subject to many women's love and sought after. The reason why it is so popular is the bright appearance and the unique effect. But its wearer has not only limited to women, especially the tourmaline ring has gradually become the first choice for men to buy accessories, which is due to the simple and beautiful tourmaline ring, you can make a good Cartier love bracelet replica male mature and stable charm. Here and we talk about men's tourmaline ring how to choose and maintain it the right way. Men's tourmaline ring to buy 1, tourmaline preferred color and carat number For men, the choice of color does not need very beautiful and dazzling, but to see whether the color is consistent with your overall gas field, the general choice of men more green tourmaline, retro atmosphere, highlighting the male mature and stable temperament. While the weight is the impact of the value of the tourmaline ring key index, the big carat tourmaline ring can show the superior status of men and taste. 2, brilliant tourmaline clarity, cut General high-quality tourmaline ring, in addition to the color on the bright, clarity and cut is often more refined, crystal clear crystal, the top of the cut to create a unique boutique, men's tourmaline ring is no exception. Tourmaline style style style to suit their own better, with superior clarity, cut the guarantee, style style can be more diverse. Everyone likes different styles, more mature men may like square, oval and other more simple style, and young men may be more likely to favor some fashion Cartier love ring replica elements such as inlaid 18k gold tourmaline ring, luxury upscale. 3, tourmaline ring ring thickness In general, the ring ring should not be fine, the male ring should be the same as the man's temperament as some rugged, in order to pin out the manhood, if ring ring too thin, will feel more feminine, more suitable for some pure young men. How to maintain a tourmaline ring Tourmaline ring both the decoration and health of the two major effects, but also need to carefully care of the wearer. Tourmaline ring fear of high temperature, in high temperature environment, by the thermal expansion and contraction of the impact of its internal structure will change, may lead to damage, so in the bath or go to the sauna and other high temperature places when it is recommended to take off, to avoid the tourmaline ring Damaged or discolored. In the process of wearing, we should pay attention to avoid bumps, especially the non-edged tourmaline ring, as long as a slight bump will be possible to cause damage, affecting its product and value. Do not wear it, it is best to put it inside the hard inside the soft box to save, so you can effectively protect it, to avoid wear and tear. There is a regular regular cleaning of the tourmaline ring, if it is at home cleaning their own, it can be soaked in water soak for 15 to 30 minutes or so, and then dry with cotton or let it dry naturally, to avoid the use of hair dryer And so on. Conditional words can also be a special jewelry store for regular inspection, repair, maintenance, timely detection of problems and to better maintain the bright and glossy tourmaline ring. Gem processing accessories can be seen everywhere in daily life, and the tourmaline ring is subject to many women's love and sought after. The reason why it is so popular is the bright appearance and the unique effect. How to choose a tourmaline ring "Tourmaline" itself is called "tourmaline", because of its beautiful color was "tourmaline" a said. Crystal, glass, tourmaline in the shape of the three are very similar to the choice in this must be careful to avoid some black heart business with the glass posing as worthless. Tourmaline in transparency to the higher degree of transparency, the higher the value Cartier nail bracelet replica. Of course, this also makes a lot of business moving crooked mind, because the glass itself is very high permeability, but compared with the value of the tourmaline on the difference between the two very much. The color of the tourmaline like rainbow, because bright and bright colors, often with a personal happy, free feeling. Tourmaline itself can also stimulate people's ideas and ideas, the color of the beautiful can make people calm and make people focused. Tourmaline, also known as Wang Fu Shi, so when married will be a lot of people as dowry to wear in the body of married people. The design of the tourmaline ring is unique, Ambilight gem inlaid in the elegant ring is beautiful and extraordinary. Women will be placed in the hands of the tourmaline ring more noble and elegant sense, not only that, long-term wear a tourmaline ring and soothe the nerves to help sleep effect. Once the female sleep quality is improved, the skin will be more compact and smooth, the body can be better maintained. How to choose a tourmaline ring So how do we buy the favorite tourmaline ring in the dazzling market? How can it be true and false? Together to understand the next bar Tourmaline ring style is very much, you want to choose the most suitable for their own one from his finger and the body of the body starting: If the slim and fair skin, you can consider buying a dark green tourmaline ring, this color of the tourmaline will be set off the skin more delicate and smooth. If the body is plump, fingers slightly thick female, you can buy a narrow ring ring, but also pay attention to the size of the tourmaline should not be too large, too big with a thin finger will bring a frontal Household like impetuous feeling. But also to avoid the ring to see the ring too wide, because this style of the ring wearing a thick fingers will appear on the short and thick fingers. In fact, the way to buy the ring is very simple, as long as from their own hand and favorite style of the two starting points, you will be able to buy that favorite. Identification of the authenticity of the ring method should also pay attention to, to buy bright color bright tourmaline, if the seller to your color thick and dark, it is necessary to carefully identify the ring true and false. How to choose a tourmaline ring Tourmaline use a lot, in addition to mosaic on the ring can also be used on the bracelet above, there are a lot of people will choose seven-color tourmaline wear a string of wear on the wrist, bright and bright colors can often bring a good mood. Tourmaline is the most precious to be "cat's eye tourmaline", and the appearance of the unique price also looks very beautiful, most people still can not afford. Of course, if you are a jewelry lovers, willing to spend the price to collect jewelry, then such a tourmaline is very valuable collection. Tourmaline inlay tend to make the jewelry looks bright and moving, it is easy to attract people's attention, if you need to attend some activities then wear a tourmaline jewelry such a must be a good choice.

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