How to legally cancel a timeshare contract

Posted by David Bates on August 7th, 2017

The primary reason why there is consumer protection law is to protect and defend you against deceptive and unfair business and sales practices commonly used by timeshare representatives to encourage you in buying into the agreement.    They tend to present these misleading tactics to you like you are making a significant investment that can fetch you huge profit all for you to end up losing and feel cheated. If you are a victim of circumstance and you want to opt out of this mess, here are good news for you. It is possible if you felt you have been cheated to get out of a timeshare contract legally.  With the help of consumer protection law at hand, you can legally dispute the contract agreement as a result of breach or user right violations, and at the end, you will be free again.  The law strictly kicks against the use of an unfair or deceptive practice for financial gains, while getting back all your fair settlements will be a thing of ease.  The steps and process will surely help you get out of timeshare contract in no time.

1. You need to understand your options first: the first option you can quickly make to get out of timeshare contract is to either terminate or mutually cancel the agreement. Termination occurs when you have reasons to end the contract rather than breach the agreement while separation happens when you decide to violate the agreement you are not comfortable with.

2. Make a quick decision: if the timeshare contract you signed is still new, you may be lucky that it is still under the cooling off or recession period. You can quickly cancel the contract and retrieve your deposit. But once the period is over, the company might presume you can no longer cancel the contract, and you are perpetually bound to pay the increasing maintenance fees for ownership. It can over a period get complicated, but you will get out of it.

3. Get a timeshare consultant that specializes in cases like these:  timeshare law requires the handling of specialized hands for proper legal presentation. Making use of a consultant which can refer you to an attorney will give you the chance to terminate your contract successfully without any problem. If your cooling off period has expired, hiring a lawyer is the best option to take most especially if the grace period is still in force or the timeshare company is playing with your intelligence by not allowing you get out of it easily.

4. Use a timeshare termination service: with over 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States, less than one percent of them specialize in handling timeshare cases. The best way to reach out to those lawyers easily is to use a timeshare termination service provider that will connect you with the finest and most experienced timeshare cancellation attorneys and law firms.

Timeshare companies are smart to put an agreement in a written form, but that does not mean you cannot get out of it. Perhaps you might have entered into an agreement with a timeshare company because you don't fully understand the content and consequences of the agreement. Reasons, why most people fall into timeshare problems, is because they may not have the willpower to resist aggressive sales tactics thereby leading you to sign up with an agreement you later discovered it's not the best for you. Do not raise your eyebrow yet; you can still choose to terminate the agreement if you can act fast and follow the right procedures.  Here are some of the things to know on how to get out of timeshare contract legally.

1. Why you need to be smart: within the grace period legally allowed that a timeshare is binding; you can decide to opt out. The cancellation period is in the contract agreement, which states the number of days you are allowed to rescind the agreement. Just in case you can't find the grace period, approach the state's consumer protection office to help you out.

2. How to cancel a timeshare contract within the cancellation period: write a letter; make sure you include your name as indicated on the timeshare agreement letter. Then look for a timeshare attorney who can help you out.

3. How can you get a timeshare lawyer:  search online for online financial services platforms that can allow you find a timeshare attorney from its platform, that way you can find someone that can quickly come to your rescue? 

Steps you can take to get out of a timeshare contract

Timeshare contract is legally binding on both parties, but that does not mean the unsatisfied party cannot terminate it. Let us walk through the steps you can take to end a timeshare agreement.

1. Ensure you cancel the contract within the cancellation period: typically timeshare contract has a given time you can cancel it. That period in question varies from state to state within America, but it usually ranges from five to ten days.

2. If a member dies the next of kin or heir will be the one to inherit the debt, this is enough to piss you off going into a timeshare contract.

4. Hire a timeshare consultant to help you terminate your contract: by suing the company when the cancelation period is over can be done with the help of a timeshare consultant which can refer you to an appropriate attorney. You can hire a timeshare advocate when you suspect there are fraudulent or dishonest selling practices. Remember that the essence of a timeshare law is to protect consumers from deceptive and unfair sales or business practices.

Don't be deceived that you can never terminate your timeshare contract; a timeshare advocate specialized in this field can help you find the assistance to end up lawfully terminating the contract.  Some timeshare companies can tell you "no cancellation." but this simply isn't true, as there is always a way out and you cannot continue to carry the burden forever. Even if there is a clause in the contract that binds you to it forever, do not be worried as there is a way out of it.

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