The e-Commerce Revolution

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The Growth of E-Commerce

It's amazing all the changes in the way people do business in the short time since the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. The e-commerce revolution was predicted in the early stages of the internet. Those who predicted the sweeping business changes brought about by the world wide web knew what they were talking about.

In the early days of the e-commerce revolution customers were reluctant to give their credit card information to somebody on the internet. They were afraid the number would be used fraudulently. With time and increased security, consumers no longer hesitate to give credit card numbers. In fact, people now apply for them online.

The e-commerce revolution has involved virtually every type of business there is. It is now becoming unusual to learn of people who do not have internet access in their home, especially if they have school-age children. Almost every workplace uses the internet. People have learned to go first to the web when they want information, particularly when they want information on new products or information on how to increase their earnings. Some people even conduct much of their social life online. This will only continue to grow because the kids of today are increasingly web savvy.

E-commerce offers both price and time savings to individuals. As we become increasingly busy, it's quicker to go online to find products instead of driving from store to store. Often the product is less expensive online, even after paying for shipping.

If you are doing business, you need a web presence. If you don't have one you are losing potential customers. This will become more important in the future. The e-commerce revolution is not going to end anytime soon. It's time to join it.

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