Free Games Without WiFi For iOS and Android

Posted by top5blog on August 8th, 2017

I love gaming. I have some collection of my favorite games for android, iOS and PC. Good thing about gaming is that you forget all your worries for a while beause all of your conentration is on the games. I am going to share here free games without WiFi that you can play when you have no access to the internet.

I literally tried around 20 games but there were few no WiFi games that I personally liked the most.

I am going to share those offline games with you in this article, hope you like it. If you do like it then please share it because it involves lot of work in researching and writing.

Top 5 WiFi Free Games for Android, PC and iOS

1.) Temple Run 2

Temple run is my all time favorite game, I have played the first version so many times and their 2nd version is even better. If you can go with the paid one then try Temple Run OZ, that is truly amazing which is made by imangi and Disney.

Download for android here.

2.) Google dinosaur game

No need to install this game because it is already there in your chrome browser, this is the one and only game for PC that can be played without WiFi.

3.) 2048

In a mood to use some brains? Then try this one and you will not be bored.

4.) Infinity Loop

This game gets interesting as you clear the leves, the more difficulty, the more fun. Initial levels may sound boring but those are just to teach you and make you familiar with the game concept. Wait for the levels to increase the difficulty.

5.) Six Gangs

A truly amazing WiFi free games that has everything which might excite a gamer. Go for this if you want to enjoy every sort of gaming in a single game.

I hope you will find something great in this list of free games without WiFi.