Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt: A Style for Everyone

Posted by Just Sweatshirts on August 8th, 2017

Enjoying an iconic status for its depiction in movies that have made the greatest impact on youngsters across generations, the hoodie or hooded sweatshirt will never go out of fashion. With a near cult following among the fashion conscious with its roots in the twelfth century, it is a mix of function with fashion. Trends have been swept aside with a brutality difficult to imagine, rendering many styles redundant. But the hoodie has never left the wardrobe or the design tables of the brands that matter. Here are a few facts about the hoodie, showing reasons behind its popularity.

The hood transcends periods

It may be hard to imagine that the hood transcends periods. Dating back to the twelfth century, the hood, incorporated in the pullover sweatshirt offers a macho yet sophisticated look to the design. Pulled over, or left to rest on the shoulders, the hood is a smooth design feature that impresses. It would not be a challenge to choose between two sweatshirts of identical color and design, one with a hood and the other hoodless.

Keeping the warmth during the chill of winter

Regardless of the nature of activity; a brisk walk, a practice run or a simple stroll, the hooded sweatshirt offers warmth to the face and head, helping individuals to brave it out in harsh weather. The ears and the head account for most of the heat that leaves the body. And keeping the head and ears warm will keep the whole-body warm. Partly one of the reasons why most sports persons are featured working out in hooded pullover sweatshirts.

Simplicity of design makes the appearance more endearing and interesting

Oftentimes, the simplicity of a design can be worth more than a complicated design. And the hoodie says it best with a simple design element that creates the impression of a seamless and well-designed garment. Offering the options of various materials to meet the requirements of individuals, the large area permits incorporation of designs that are difficult to try out in other apparel.

Mainstream fashion preferred by all

It is not uncommon to see school children and college students wear hoodies with their institutions logo or team emblazoned across it. The sign of owing allegiance also depends on the hooded pullover sweatshirt for a platform. This is because of the widespread choice of hooded pullover sweatshirts as the designs of choice. The choice of hoodies cannot be attributed to peer-pressure as it is a phenomenon across age groups.

Stylish and contemporary, despite its history of being around for such a long time, the hooded pullover sweatshirt is a choice among all age groups. The young and old alike prefer to be in one or be seen in one. The pockets with easy access are itself a functionally stylish feature. The angle and the location of the pockets make it a cool move to leave both hands inside the pockets while not walking. The simple drawstrings that facilitate the tightening of the hood offer greater comfort and warmth to the individuals.

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