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Posted by Unique Sama on August 8th, 2017

Now-a-days  each and every person wants to know the latest news and happenings  going on their surroundings. Whether the person is educated or not every person wants to be aware of all the happenings going on in the world especially in their own surroundings. Local Newspapers are not just about the weather and the road conditions. Those are helpful things to know, but they are not the real heart of what local newspapers provide. They provide the color of the areas around the people ; things people might not notice otherwise, but which may be important for their daily life.  May be people don’t find it as essential as other services (water, garbage collection, etc.), but having one improves the sense of community. One of the easy example of the value of a local news  is a fire at home or business. It’s not “news” to someone five miles away necessarily, but it is a news to the people on that block, the people nearby who might want to help clean up or donate to victims, and of course the family or business-owner themselves. A local news operation can cover that event for the community and connect the different voices (fire dept., church/aid organization, real estate developers, etc.).

Therefore  realizing  all such needs and wants of the people one local newspaper for Mathura was introduced named “Unique Samay” taking care and satisfying all the needs of the people regarding the news or content which the local people needs to know about Mathura. It provides the latest local news  to the public. With that it also includes various advertisements also. The newspaper publishes Hindi News so that each and every person can able to read the news easily.

Unique Samay has an online site also through which it publishes the News Online. It has created its online website so that people can feel at ease. If people don’t want to read news in hindi , they can translate the news to view in English and many other features are there which people can see only by visiting its website which is www.uniquesamay.com

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