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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 8th, 2017

Shanghai gem flower watch in the seventies and eighties all the rage. On the older people should be more familiar with, then Hou gem flower watch is very popular. Many people can not watch the watch out of the sleeves. So how much is it now gem flower watch price?
Gem flower watch was once the last century seventies and eighties swept on the beach of Shanghai brand-name watches. It is reported that the Shanghai watch factory has long been no production of watches, but only in the Jiaozhou Road 343, the original Cartier love bracelet replica location of the Shanghai watch factory has also been stall in the sale of Shanghai brand, gem flower brand Shanghai brand-name watches.
Now the gem flower watch has been discontinued, want to buy it really is not easy. There are a lot of people on the Internet to sell the collection of precious stones flower watches, but as for the price. According to the different table and the seller out of the price is different, so it can not give accurate figures!
Health care watch is not so magical, the purchase must be cautious!
Many elderly people may have seen from television advertising a watch called health care products. Read the introduction of advertising, many elderly people have been attracted by its function. But the watch home here to remind the majority of old friends, health watch is not as magical as its advertising!
Health care watch is not so magical, the purchase must be cautious!
What is a health watch?
Health watch: This watch has a micro-sensor back cover, can measure human blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, calculated by the integrated circuit, the LCD display. Some health care watches can also be critical, and promptly remind patients to take emergency measures, this table produced in Japan and Germany.
Health care watches and no lower blood pressure, blood lipids and other functions, so hope that old friends to buy carefully, the product can only provide health monitoring and other data!
How the Big Dipper watch
Beidou watches are Chinese military watches, but also one of the best outdoor sports watch. Outdoor watch must rely on a strong outdoor function to win. We all know that outdoor adventure is full of a certain degree of danger and accident, and a good mountaineering watch is not only the best partner, or the hope of survival! So how about the Beidou watch?
Beidou watch how? Function to decide everything!
At present, the world launched a total of three satellite watches, Japan Seiko, Citizen in Japan and China’s Beidou satellite watches, timing accuracy have reached nanoseconds. The three watches are different, the first two are using GPS satellite timing, the latter is the use of independent research and development of China’s Beidou second-generation navigation satellite timing. Compared with GPS, Beidou satellite watch with SOS key, when the outdoor adventurers Cartier love ring replica need to help when the need for help, as long as a press this button, you can position information and distress signals sent through the satellite. This dangerous ability to help in the world’s four major navigation systems is unique.
Outdoor watches must have a strong outdoor function. The Beidou satellite watch brings together the functions of the outdoor watch: compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, electronic backlight, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, world time and other ten functions are all compressed in a small watch. Not only to meet the general needs of outdoor adventure enthusiasts, super battery life, charging 2 hours can be used for at least 90 days in the outdoors do not have to worry about the problem of no electricity watch. Therefore, it was the Beidou satellite watch image likened to the watch in the “Swiss Army knife.”
Outdoor activities must pass! Walk in the wild, the most important thing is to know where they are, in what direction to move forward. General ALICE will also own a small compass, with the Beidou satellite watches, small compass are saved. Dial 12 points position is the compass compass N pole, 6 o’clock position corresponds to the S pole, transferred to the SW mode, the bezel on the two points that the north of the pointer, four points that the pointer south, the direction is still very accurate of.
Beidou satellite watch altimeter here to focus on talk about, because the general outdoor watch height gauge is the value of the air pressure to be converted, this method will be affected by many factors, such as weather, climate, terrain, etc., Resulting in numerical inaccuracies. The Beidou satellite watch height display is the use of satellite direct detection, data intuitive and accurate, and not affected by terrain and other factors. Transferred to the watch’s ALT mode, you can detect your height value.
Beidou satellite watch the sensor on the watch 3 o’clock sideways, allowing users to read the temperature value, the height of the time more accurate, taking into account the design of the beautiful. The watch transferred to the TP mode, you can read the temperature, and generally read out how much degrees Celsius, in line with our usual reading habits of temperature.
Beidou smart watch Beidou watch Beidou satellite watch introduction
Beidou smart watches also known as the bucket watches, Beidou satellite watches. At the beginning of the research and development is tailored according to the requirements of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, is the only military experts to jointly identify the military standard timetable, through the General Staff Survey navigation and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation joint identification, The only “Chinese military table”.
Beidou smart watch Beidou watch Beidou satellite watch introduction
Beidou watch is based on China’s second generation Beidou satellite navigation system timing, positioning of the watch. According to the product function is divided into the market has been dedicated to focus, positioning, weather forecast Beidou satellite watches and not listed in the test Cartier nail bracelet replica is focused on navigation, call Ning enterprises watches.
Market only circulation of the Beidou watch is the Beidou satellite watch, which by the Chengdu days Austrian Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully developed, is the world’s first pointer satellite timing watch [1]. As of June 2013, Beidou satellite watch second generation product collection, positioning, weather forecast, (height, coordinates, weather) data records, altitude accurate measurement, map code display, world time and other functions perfect in one.
Navigation, call Ning enterprises watch is the end of February 2013 in the test of the “Compass watch” by the Jiangsu Bona Yutian Communication Electronics Co., Ltd. research and development, integration of navigation, call and other functions of electronic watches.
Beidou watches, is the world’s first pointer satellite timing watches, watches can display latitude and longitude information, and with compass, thermometer, barometer and other outdoor functions. This watch and China’s “Big Dipper” second-generation satellite navigation system is always linked, time accuracy control within 0.1 seconds, the Beidou satellite watch has become the world’s most accurate watch. 

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