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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 8th, 2017

According to foreign media reports, Sony will be launched later this year, called a smart watch SmartWatch small products, it can be connected through Bluetooth and Android smart phones, and can run some custom mini-applications.
This smart watch is about the size of the iPod Nano, behind an interface. Obviously this product is Sony Ericsson 2010 LiveView product launch follow, but has been greatly improved, especially the full touch screen operation.
Sony said that this smart watch will be available at the end of March Cartier love bracelet replica this year, the global price of 149 US dollars. Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Sony booth staff to wear this watch, and Sony has just launched two new Xperia smartphone demo to keep pace. Staff said that this watch can also be a software called LiveWare and other Android devices synchronization.
From the demonstration process, the Sony SmartWatch smart watch can receive data through the phone, including Facebook and Twitter updates, and can remotely control the mobile audio player software. This watch can also run other features of the application, including the phone camera software, which can display pictures taken by the phone.
Sony spokesman said that this smart watch a charge can be used for two to four days. It is preloaded with 15 applications, but the maximum storage capacity can reach 255 models. Similar to Apple’s iPod Nano, Sony smart watches can also display four squares at the same time.
This product screen is surrounded by black slopes, silver edge, the back is white, the back of the interface can be used for charging. This smart watch strap is black, but Sony will also sell other colors of the strap.
Watch the surface has a clear “Sony” logo, rather than the previous product logo “Sony Ericsson.” Sony said last year that it would acquire all the shares of Sony Ericsson’s joint venture and operate it as a subsidiary.
SONY Smart Watch SmartWatch3 function review
As early as Android Wear before the launch of Sony is doing smart watches, and in the beginning of the introduction of Android Wear, Sony has also said that not interested, but not too long Sony’s interest to come, and now our hands SmartWatch 3 Is Sony to join the Android Wear battlefield proof.
SONY Smart Watch SmartWatch3 function review
Because Google does not allow manufacturers to customize Android Wear, so the dial Cartier love ring replica has become the only one can play their own creative space, and it is clear that Sony has not been able to seize this opportunity, plus Wear platform default dial, SW3 Dial also 3, the first two down ok, but the third … … Sony TM you tease me?
Well, the original dial on this virtue, and good in the SW3 dial animation is still good, smooth and natural animation, Snapdragon 400 in this low-resolution screen is simply more than enough, and this processor is also a good balance Performance and power consumption, in the interface around the slide or twist the wrist to wake up when there is no delay.
As for Android Wear this platform, in the evaluation of other smart watches have basically said that rotten, and SW3 does not have any other exciting new features, as to download a variety of APP natural is no different, but Once again benefited from the square of the screen, SW3 in the actual operation of APP is more convenient than the round screen.
Android Wear platform, the basic equipment has been updated over a generation, and SW3, the most people care about is no heart rate sensor, after all, this smart watch the target buyers to the extent that the kind of hypocritical fitness control , SW3 less heart rate sensor, the buyer on a less loaded way. In appearance, SW3 naturally not ugly, but not beautiful, for a tool, just right, comfortable silicone strap is also points.
SW3 screen advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, semi-transparent screen super outdoor visibility and lower than the OLED power consumption for a smart watch is really useful, but this screen to the night, and Ordinary LCD screen, even if only want to see a time to have to light it.
SW3 is also the first built-in GPS module Android Wear device, but the current APP is still very little adaptation Cartier nail bracelet replica , for Wi-Fi and NFC is the same, they are currently furnishings, but built-in these modules also means that SW3 can Have a longer life cycle, in the future update iteration, can rely on the inherent function to stand longer.
In terms of price, Sony has posted a $ 250 price tag to SW3 and MOTO 360, which is much cheaper than the more high-end G Watch R ($ 300), taking into account higher levels of protection, better life and future Longer life cycle, the price is fair.
In my opinion, SW3 is a very good smart watch, functional enough, if you want to buy a smart watch, SW3 is worth a look. 

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