Casio into the smart watch market, the price or higher than Apple

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 8th, 2017

Casio in July this year, also announced that it will enter the field of smart watches. In the smart watch, Casio still want to use its rugged and reliable product design concept, but the price may no longer close to the people, may exceed the price of Apple smart watches. However, Casio has released the first digital watch since it has been 40 years. In the field of smart watches, Casio can give people what surprises? Let us wait and see!
Casio found that the company’s experience in the watch market will help it beyond the Apple Watch and other technology companies produced equipment, they hope that through the smart watch to meet the mass market demand for comfort and durability. Casio has developed a watch with schedule management, heart rate monitoring and communication functions. “We were just showing odd features, but we removed the product immediately after we sold it,” said Kazuhiro Kashio, the company’s new president, in an interview this week.
Kazuhiro Kashio also said that the price of Casio smart watches will be “very close to the people”, and Apple Watch’s low-end version similar to about 50,000 yen (about 400 US dollars). But he also added that the company has not yet made a final decision. Apple Watch is currently starting at $ 349 in the United States.
Kazuhiro Kashio said that Casio plans to launch smart watches Cartier love bracelet replica in Japan and the United States at the end of March next year, regardless of the function or appearance, will aim for outdoor sports and leisure men. “We want to achieve approximately 10 billion yen ($ 80 million) in smartphone sales and further expand the size of the business,” says Kazuhiro Kashio.
It is understood that Kazuhiro Kashio has previously led a team engaged in four years of smart watch development. The new president of Casio said he had rejected a number of non-compliant prototype products, including an overly bulky phone watch.
According to the US market agency IHS survey results are expected, the global smart watch shipments from 360 million in 2014 to 1.01 billion in 2020.
Casio G-SHOCK series and PROTREK climbing series that good
Casio G-SHOCK series and PROTREK mountain climbing series is Casio specifically for outdoor sports people launched two watch series, then the Casio G-SHOCK series and PROTREK climbing series that is good? Let the watch home for you to answer!
Casio G-SHOCK, one of the brands of watches, with a powerful and durable, waterproof and so on. SHOCK is the impact of the impact of the impact of medicine is the meaning of shock. The front of G represents gravity gravity.
Casio PROTREK series is designed for those who love outdoor activities tailor-made watches, Protrek series is well-known super watch, in addition to the basic time function, you can also look at the location, temperature, pressure and height, and wearing a hand Small weather stations are no different.
Casio G-SHOCK series of watches are mainly used for outdoor, camping, mountain climbing and so on. According to climbing, then certainly choose the mountain climbing series, rather than G-SHOCK series. But the climbing series because the table has a variety of sensors Cartier love ring replica inside, so the mountain series are not less than a thousand dollars. You want to be cheaper, and pay attention to the outdoor, then the first recommendation is the G-SHOCK series!
Gucci watch waterproof?
Gucci is an Italian fashion brand, founded by Gucci Ou Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfume, household items and pet supplies. Gucci watches like friends, Gucci watch waterproof is the most concerned about the problem. The following watch home to tell you about it!
Gucci all watches are playing on the bottom cover “WATERRESISTANT” or “WATER PROOF” in English words. No waterproof marking watch can only dust, should avoid water. 30 meters (3ATM, ie 3 atmospheres) Waterproof tables can be used for daily grooming or rain use, ie water droplets are splashed on the surface without any water pressure applied to the table. 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.
Watch waterproof rating
General watch waterproof specifications are divided into the following: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters.
30 meters: refers to the general life of water, that is, when the water splash on hand washing, as well as the rain when the rain falling, but attention can not be too long, not in the sauna room to wear.
50 meters: and 30 meters no difference, you can ignore.
100 meters: you can take him to wash the car, shower, but not soaked in water.
300 meters: can swim activities, but only for shallow swimming. Do not be understood as being at 300 meters.
500 meters: this level can sneak into the water, if I remember correctly, that is, about 1,200 look, may also be more, but do not follow the established 

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