Watch development today there are already many kinds of

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Watch development today, there are already many kinds of. But some table fans do not know which type of watch is good. The following watch home to tell you it!
Look at the use, to be on time the general quartz watch, look at the collection life, mechanical watch is good.
1, quartz watch timing accuracy than the mechanical table about 100 times higher. Quartz table daily error of less than 0.5 seconds, mechanical table daily error of about 45 seconds, and with the temperature changes, sometimes sometimes Cartier love bracelet replica more slowly some.
2, mechanical watch prices are generally expensive Because work is very important, low production capacity, at least more than $ 1,000 and have plastic Shi Ying watch movement can be easily machined, the circuit board can be mass mass production, the price should be lower.
3, quartz watch usually do not have to maintain, mechanical watches every day to the winding. Quartz table without the winding, two years for a battery. Mechanical watch on the time it is difficult to align the second hand, quartz watch can be very convenient to stop the second hand.
4, mechanical watch proud of the advantages of excellent cultural taste, a well-made mechanical watch, you can make people feast for the eyes, to enhance the taste of the owner, bringing a noble honor.
5, mechanical life is very long, because it depends on the metal movement, as well as you can on your offspring son Sun Zhongcheng services for hundreds of years, a lot of people will pass it as a family thing; but due to the circuit and Shi Ying watch Plastic movement of the reasons, its life can be 10 years is good, many are 5 years on the wear and tear, let alone Chuanjia.
All in all, if you are convenient and practical to pursue the case, then buy Shi Ying watch, if it is to be presented to other people or to bring their own noble status, then it would choose a well-made mechanical watches.
How much money the price of Swiss watches
The company is a professional manufacturer of watches and accessories for the production of enterprises, set the development of design, production and sales in one, a wealth of experience in product production and strong market Competitiveness. Nirvana brand products in the watch market occupies a unique place, because it has to be based on their own quality.
Knight also for some well-known brand enterprises customized brand watches, with customers to achieve product diversification of the development strategy. Thanksgiving company is better at according to the characteristics of various enterprise products for the majority of customers design a variety of advertising gifts table, such as brand image table, product promotion table, business gift table, souvenir table, coordination of customers to enhance brand value. It is in this steady Cartier love ring replica strategy, resistance to Switzerland and other brands to achieve the cooperation and win-win situation, to win the reputation of the industry.
How much money the price of Swiss watches
Resistant Swiss watch as a domestic watch brand, the price is not expensive. The price is generally between 100 yuan – 4500 yuan! More popular in the price of more than 2,000 yuan.
Do men need a watch?
Said the watch can highlight the men’s temperament, taste, identity. But some friends do not know why men wear watches. The following watch home to talk about the need for men with a watch you do!
When you need a watch, it shows that you pay attention to your time. In the past there is a joke that Hong Kong people without a watch you can not find a job, the boss will think you have no time concept, do not do things. So the people of Hong Kong to see the workers can not have a suit, but can not watch. Do not believe you can just turn the bookstore hot books on how to gather wealth, almost all teach you how to develop the books will point out that the rich and the poor treatment of the fundamental difference between time: the poor is not much time, in the young can Casually waste, spend, old things nothing. The rich do not lack what is lack of time, his time is not enough, his time is used to achieve his ideals above, he can not rich? Why the boss will choose a watch to see workers? Because this person Attention to their own time, when things will certainly be efficient.
Many people say that since there is a mobile phone Cartier nail bracelet replica with a watch it! Mobile is not on the time? Not superfluous, to see the phone is not got, spend money to buy a watch than to buy other things.
Do not say the watch has a decoration, set off the role of men’s temperament, with an example to illustrate, a certain man to pick the table, a look that is striking, smart and capable type, very simple people. He said: “travel to the hotel, and back to the table is not convenient ah.” I casually ask what is inconvenient ah, he said the meeting, dig the phone to see the time, the boss see you are unhappy, I said reasonable, Two he said you go out to see customers, see a time from the pocket dig a mobile phone to open, is not very taste, I said that he said a lot of occasions to dig the phone to see the time is inconvenient, this is a man to understand the taste 

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