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Posted by JulioLicinio on August 9th, 2017

Julio Licinio is a deputy director at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) where his central research is of mind and brain. He is a psychiatry who made the intense research on the grounds of depression. He found that 40% of depression occurrences are caused due to hereditary issues.

Depression is the common occurrence among the majority in which people always stay mentally tense. With a research, it has been estimated that nearly over 20 million of American people have some kind of disorder relating to depression. Among these, 15 percent of people are of age 18 and above. This medical state not only affects the mental conditions, but it also affects the complete human health.

There have been many scientists, professions who did lots of examinations and studies for mental stress from all phases and have really able to contribute significant results to the treatment of mental disorder. A particular cause for a hassled mental condition is hard to explain as there is no exact reason behind the stressful situation. Some studies have shown that mood controllers, mood swings in the brain are may be the possible reason for depression.

Almost fifteen years back, Prof. Julio identified three people suffering from leptin deficiency due to which they are over weighted. To cure the disease, on daily basis he injected leptin in their body and after ten months he learned that they had reduced half of their weight. He found that leptin controls every second rhythm of varied endocrine axes.

Julio Licinio is one of those researchers who has done a wonderful work to fight with depression. He is the first person who experimented with all aspects of mental stress and proved that increasing level of leptin in the body can reduce complete effects of depression.

His research is now serving many of the medical researchers and doctors to understand the root causes and treat depression effectively. He published various books on his researches, symptoms, and reactions of this mental state.

Apart from his incredible contribution in the medical world, Julio Licinio is still working on various researches related to depression and some major mental diseases. He contributed 240 papers, 21000 references, 12 books among others on depression. He understands an active mind is essential for a sound body so he headed with a professional team to conduct various modern experiments and clinical testing for the betterment of the people.

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