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5 Interesting Facts about Home Security You Didnít Know

Posted by lindahudson in Other on August 9th, 2017

Security is an important subject to concern, and it is why more and more homes are now opting smart security systems. Still, there are many facts we may not be aware of the burglaries and security system. If you care about the safety of your home, here are a few interesting facts you should know about.

Majority of burglaries are planned

A significant share of burglaries is committed by novices; however, it doesn’t mean that they lack a planning. Most burglaries are planned strategically. The burglar might be keeping a watch on the house, residents even months before to record the routine of the neighbourhood and residing members. They may be looking for loopholes in homes’ alarm systems in Kansas City. In a nutshell, they plan out the break-ins to ensure a successful housebreak.

Only a small percentage of burglaries are solved

This fact may sadden you, but the majority of thefts and housebreaks are never solved. In most of the cases, home owners contact the insurance company and file for claims. The prime reason behind it is the difficulty in tracking down break-ins as many of them are a one-time act of intruders and they disappear easily.

Non-professional burglars are more involved

It is one of the most surprising facts about break-ins. Majority of housebreaks is initiated and performed by novices who don’t have any prior experience. They do so only to make quick money.

Burglars avoid houses with smart security systems

Well, it is not surprising, but burglars do hate homes with smart home security systems and try to avoid such homes. It is why having signs or warning placed outside the house notifying that a security system installed is a good idea. However, only placing a sign is not sufficient. It is important to make sure that home security system is properly working because housebreakers are indeed very smart and it is not easy to befool them easily.

Burglars may come back soon

You may often hear about a house being repeatedly broken. It is because intruders often like to break into places they become familiar with. Plus, the home owners don’t expect them to be back soon. So, housebreakers get a good chance to break-in a home multiple time.

Hope you liked these fun facts about burglaries. It is advisable to keep your home safe with an advanced security system.

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