Use of Diamonds in Industries

Posted by Laxmi on August 9th, 2017

Diamonds are the most valuable stones and because they are very hard, reliable and durable, the diamonds are used for many industrial purposes. Though, not many people are aware of the fact that other than using diamonds as jewelry, they can be used for many commercial and industrial purposes. Because of the popularity of diamond jewelry, there are many places to buy diamond jewellery in India, but to stay updated it is very important to know all the offered advantages of diamond in the industrial sector.

Thus, to clear the air and to make people aware of the various benefits that diamonds possess for the industrial purpose, here are some of the ways in which diamond can be used. Since these ways are meant to be used only for the industrial purpose, it is advisable not to perform any such methods at home unless and until you have all the desired and needed equipment. Let’s quickly explore the industrial uses of diamonds.


  1. Cavities: The use of diamonds is very popular in the field of a dentist. Diamonds are used for filling cavities and even with the tools that most of the dentists use. Almost all the tools that the dentist uses are dipped in diamonds. The main reason for doing so is to use diamonds as an abrasive as the tiny crystals of the diamonds get bonded and stick to the surface of these tools.
  2. Oil drilling: Diamonds are also used for drilling oil from the earth's crust. Since diamonds are hard and strong stones which can bear the high pressure and high force that are applied to drill through the earth's surface. The massive drills used to extract oil from the surface of the earth are again dipped in diamond crystals for making them abrasive for being used effectively in drilling the oil.
  3. Engraving Other Stones: Diamond is the most preferred choice of many industries who work in engraving sector. The use of diamond for engraving different stones such as graphite, quartz, etc. has been working in the favor since ancient time. The main reason of using diamond for this purpose is because the hardness of the diamond easily lets the users engrave the stones. Also, since there are no worries on the diamond or on the metal being engraved to get damaged or scratched, diamond can be used without any worry or difficulty.
  4. Speakers: Have you ever wondered why some speakers produce a high-quality sound without any deformation? Well, according to gem and jewelry inc, diamonds have the potential to vibrate rapidly without any deformation when used into a thin dome.
  5. Electronic World: Diamonds hold a great potential to be used in many electronic applications such as supercomputers, etc. The high heat conductivity properties of the diamonds are the main reason for such use. Diamonds become a great source of the heat sink in making electronic applications to repeal heat rays from the precious parts of the appliance.

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