Here Is! Historical Facts On The Gold Rush Of 1849 & Reasons To Visit El Dorado

Posted by Miley Munroe on August 9th, 2017

One of the most remembered historical events, perhaps, a cry, The Gold Rush of 1849 led thousands to break a stampede after they discovered the gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley of California. This event lured people from across the world to travel all the way to California in the hope of becoming rich overnight. The Gold Rush Trail is considered as a significant event that actually shaped up America’s mining industry with the gold miners digging deep into the land establishing the picturesque mining towns that still exist. 

Let us now give you an insight into the gold rush history that might leave you awe-struck.

  • An ordinary carpenter named James Wilson Marshall found the gold flakes floating in the American River, in 1848

  • Precious metal worth billion was extracted during the Gold Rush

  • The Gold Rush led to the largest mass migration in the U.S., with approximately 300,000 new arrivals

  • The Gold Rush Trail started off in the year 1849, attracted large masses from around the world, and took lives of around 100,000 miners who either died of a disease caused due to the mines or became the victims of the enraged and egoistic miners.

  • The Gold Rush involved more men both the californians and settlers the most of who had left their families behind to live a life they had once dreamed of.

  • Most of the greatest industrialists of America such as Philip Armour are said to have started their journey with The Gold Rush

  • John Sutter, the owner of Sutter’s Mill where the gold rush was discovered, was completely unaware that he had missed out on a great fortune that could have been his had he not run away. He died poor.

The Gold Rush led to the creation of some historic and beautiful mining towns, some of which exist till date and attract hundreds and thousands of keen travelers every year. If you are wondering where to find gold in California, plan a trip to an extremely diverse ancient place, El Dorado County today! Besides a proud gold rush history, El Dorado County has so much more to offer to each of its visitors. From participating in the outdoor recreational activities to visiting the beautiful wine trails nestled in the Sierra foothills and connecting with the thriving arts community to visiting the popular farms and ranches, you will keep yearning for more here and get what you wish.

Take a trip to the historic mining towns of California and you will start loving the nature even more!

Author’s Bio: The author is a lifestyle writer and this article discusses the Gold Rush history and the fascinating mining towns of California.

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