Combine Underground Mine Tours with Panning for Gold in American River

Posted by Miley Munroe on August 9th, 2017

The Gold Country region is known as much for its history as is for its mineral deposits and gold mines. So, while taking a tour, it gets all the more enjoyable to get some historical insight and at the same time, some first-hand experience of gold panning. The region is home to hundreds of wineries and an abundant collection of outdoor adventures too. In all, it is like a complete package that you would love to pay for.

As you take a guided walking tour focused on the discovery of gold and things that led to it, you wouldn’t miss the real sites of the Coloma Valley while hearing about the events that took place at those sites. More like living the history days, it could be fun to explore everything with interactive demonstrations and discussions that go on simultaneously. Naturally, it all defines the promise of the most fun filled experiences that you can look forward to, whether you are with your friends or with family.

The gold discovery tours and the underground mine tours would get all the more fun once you team them up with actual panning for gold American river. There are lessons for gold panning in El Dorado County and lessons on mining history as well, complete with hands on demonstrations where you can feel the essence of the olden times working with instructors who would be dressed in period costumes. Besides, think of taking home real gold as souvenirs, the same that you find during the panning activity.

To give you a little insight, the activity is quite simple where you can use any regular flat pan which would have to be filled with sand and small gravel. You would be asked to mix it thoroughly with water and then, move the pan in a fast circular motion so that the gold in the sand-gravel and water mixture settles down. As you tip the pan, the lighter particles would float to the top and the heavier and bigger ones would settle to be removed easily by scraping with your thumb or finger. The process must be repeated over and over till only a small part of the pan is covered with concentrate. The leftovers can be easily lifted with a feather.

You should know that gold panning tours are only available by reservation. So, it is a smart idea to make your bookings well in advance.

Author’s Bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about the activity of panning for gold in American River.

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