The different types of pads sold by the supplier

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The pads are used by the superiors in the organization to record details about meetings, conferences, and other important events. They are sometimes used by the office clerks also for recording their daily job and task. The supplier supplies different type’s o f pads such as wiro-book, paperblanks, brochures, books, pencils and pens, moleskin and leather etc. They are either made of cardsheet or leather. Artwork is also available here. Some pads are used for promoting the business, whereas some are used during the training period for some important events.

Glued pads

The top pages of the pads are glued and they can be opened easily. Some are used for calculation purpose, while some are used for recording important events.


The Wiro-books are binded from the sides. Some of these books are covered with hard cover, while some are covered with soft covers. Usually, the pages of such books cannot be easily extracted and they are usually used for business use.

Soft cover notebooks

The Soft cover notebooks usually are used by school students as fair books or even for taking down home-work.   The covers are usually wonderfully designed, but the cover can easily tear and hence it should be used carefully. The cover of such books can be laminated also. Different types of sheet styles and internal cover print are available.  Some of the soft cover notebooks are used for recording advertising events too.

Hard cover notebooks

The hard cover notebooks are used for books such as textbooks, novels, etc. Some of the covers are perforated and they do not tear easily.  They can be covered with laminate, and some books are subjected to spine printing also. They are used as custom notebooks also.

Leather and moleskin products

Different types of moleskin and leather products are available such as ecobooks, notebooks, matching pens, different stationery products, branding books and accessories. The books covered by leather or moleskin are usually durable and they are moist-proof.


The different paperblanks available are reporter notebooks, band closure journals, address books or wrap closure journals. The band journals are usually comprised of different types of markers and they are available in different forms such as elastic closures, satin ribbons, etc.


The diaries are used for several purposes both by domestic and commercial concerns. The different types of diaries include hard cover diaries, mid year diaries, flexible diaries, etc

The other books available are brochures, self carbonating NCR pads, pencils, pens, and other pads. 

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