Industrial Pulley Market 2017-2027 with Current Trends Analysis

Posted by Monica Nerkar on August 10th, 2017

Industrial pulleys have been finding increasing applications across a diverse range of industries on account of their versatility in terms of ability to operate in various challenging working environments. In an industrial pulley, a wheel structure is mounted on an axle or a shaft, which is intended to support the pulley’s movement as well as change the direction of a taut cable. Industrial pulley systems involve drive elements, such as belts, cables, ropes and chains that move over grooves provided inside the industrial pulley system. They are applied to lift heavy weights with ease and hence, are of prime importance in heavy lifting tasks in the industrial space.

Considering the vital applications of industrial pulleys, the study of the industrial pulley market becomes an important read.

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Market Segmentation

The global industrial pulley market can be segmented in a number of ways, two of the prominent ways of classification being – on the basis of product type and application.

On the basis of product type, the global industrial pulley market is segmented as:

  • Fixed industrial pulleys

  • Movable industrial pulleys

  • Block & tackle industrial Pulleys

On the basis ofapplication, the global industrial pulley market is segmented as:

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Marine

  • Wind Power

  • Chemical

  • Construction & Architectural

  • Transportation

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Military & Defense

Key Trends, Drivers

The industrial pulley market has been witnessing fast-paced developments, such as the addition of a vast variety of industrial pulley types with varying breaking load capacities. Today, industrial pulleys are available with sheave diameters ranging from 16 mm to 150 mm. They also offer the option of choosing from single, double and triple sheaves with opening side plates, cleats, beckets, ratchets and pad eye attachments. This has proved to be favourable in an increased number of applications, thereby driving the market growth of industrial pulleys at a global level.

Additionally, industrial pulleys have also been finding increasing applications in theatrics, cable laying operations, stunt work, towing and securing loads. These applications have also been contributing to demand growth of the industrial pulleys market. Additionally, industrial pulleys now offer improved ease in maintenance, due to enhancements in design. Their simple design requires minimal lubrication, which can be carried out using fresh water; thereby reducing maintenance cost as well.

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High quality industrial pulleys are witness a surge in demand from the aerospace industry. There has been an increase in the usage of blends of resin compounds and cotton fibers to produce high-pressure laminated phenolic material to ensure uniform strength. These materials are further machined into industrial pulleys. They demonstrate less line vibration and resonant sounds and thereby, make the resultant industrial pulleys ideal for applications in theatrics & stage rigging through effective consideration of critical loads.

However, there are some disadvantages of the timing belt used in industrial pulleys, which has been restraining market growth. For instance, the timing belt does not work accurately in every situation as compared to a chain drive. Hence, a recent trend with regard to the industrial pulley market is that manufacturers have been focusing on educating customers on specific types of pulleys and the limitations of timing belts used in them. This helps in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Chain drives are proving to be attractive substitutes to industrial pulleys as they provide high speeds of operation with better power capacities. As chain drives possess detachable chain links & do not slip (unlike industrial pulleys), their installation is comparatively easy as compared to industrial pulleys and it thereby hampers the demand growth of the latter to some extent.

Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the global industrial pulley market are mentioned below:

  • Harken Industrial

  • Optibelt GmbH

  • DMM International

  • Brecoflex Co. LLC

  • Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd

  • SAR Products

  • Kaman Industrial Technologies Corporation

  • PIX Transmissions Ltd

  • Tsubaki of Canada Limited

  • SKF

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