What Types of Hammers are used in Different Works?

Posted by ricky26 on August 10th, 2017

Households, construction professionals and carpenters require hammers and axes to use them in woodwork and other product designing and finishing purposes. This tool is an essential; if you are a carpenter or construction professional. Households also widely use such tool for day-today small house works. Most of the users underestimate the utility of hammers which is wrong.

If you want to avoid any accident while performing any joinery, carpentry or any other work, then you should purchase hammers from a trusted brand. Apart from the brand, another thing you need to be sure about is what type of hammer will suit your work the best. There is a wide variety of hammers which are specifically designed for different uses.

A few of them are listed below-

  • The most common of all is the claw hammer. It gets used for pulling nails out and for opening crates and in many other works.

  • Small framing hammer is a heavy duty rip hammer and is mostly used in wooden frame works by artists and woodworkers.

  • Sledgehammers are kind of hammers mostly used in demolition works. These hammers are much heavier and larger compared to other hammers. Such hammers are designed to execute heavy force over a wide surface area.

  • Hammers with hatchet are used for chopping and cutting of woods and other hard substances. The hatchet side of hammer is designed for splitting wood into different size. The hatchet part of the roofing hammer can also be used for chopping out old roofing cement or flashing.

  • Survival axe is something that can also be counted in hammers.

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