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Posted by johnpreston on August 10th, 2017

Talk about the law and legal concerns and one can tell how sensitive they can get and how important every sort of information in it is. Right from the property disputes to personal injury cases, whenever it is taken to a law firm, it has to be registered as a legal case and that’s what this HIPAA legal software has made simpler to handle and manage for further proceedings.

Being one of the most reputed and sought after law firms Law Ruler has been handling a lot of cases from the time of its inception and has delivered a great success rate to many personal injury cases. All these years they have experienced that handling a legal case and keeping a record and track of everything can be a daunting task. Thus there arisen a need of some technologically advanced solution which is to take HIPAA compliant legal case management to the next level and that’s where HIPAA legal software kicked in.

For no matter how simple is the case, lead generation has always been the basic need of every case and Law Ruler generates the best possible leads right from the moment the client contacts the firm. The software is kept automated in order to keep a precise track on the case and related factors and also keep a record on the necessary things like contacts, email, newsletters, phone calls, referrals and e-signatures. Other than these basic needs, the software is integrated with way many services, of which, Adobe sign, Apex live chat and AnswerConnect etc. and can even get integrated to the user’s website.

The software’s original motive has to make it simpler as possible for the user to track the data, record and access any legal case related information anywhere at any point of time. Thus, the software comes with an additional feature of HIPAA compliant legal cloud service. This is basically to not keep things in a specific system but on cloud in order to access any of them from anywhere. So when you pick Law Ruler for your law firm’s better operations, you’re sure to get service par your expectations. The software was capable of enhancing the lead generation and has raised the success rate of the same from mere 20% to 50% and costs 33% lower per lead.

Going by the software’s capabilities to perform and keep record, it turned out to be not just beneficial for law firms but even for those in marketing as well. There have been a number of customers who have used the software in their business and experienced enhanced sales after the introduction of the software in their operations. So if you’re worried about the failed investment in this, you can go through the customers’ reviews and get confident about making the safer choice. So what are you waiting for? Just log on to and get your hands on it today!


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