Supplement And Vitamin Label Printing

Posted by kexconsulting on August 11th, 2017

Nutraceutical, dietary supplement and vitamin label printing can be complex however at KEX we make it simple with modern digital label printing solutions. We also employ a high definition four-color process that surpasses any lithographic quality.

KEX prints the follow labels:

  • Dietary Supplement label printing
  • Dietary Enhancements label printing
  • Herbs and Herbal Products label printing
  • Isolated Nutrient label printing
  • Children’s Nutritional Supplement label printing
  • Nutraceutical Formulation label printing
  • Vitamin Supplement label printing
  • Dietary Supplement label printing

View some of our basic label printing options here

View small or short run supplement label printing options here

Custom Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing is truly the ideal solution for most nutraceutical, dietary supplement and vitamin labels. Typically nutraceutical and health supplement companies offer numerous types of products and supplements. Using tradition four color printing, each of these label versions would incur expensive plate and pre-press charges.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital label printing we eliminate plate and pre-press charges and pass the savings on to you. In addition our customer digital label printing reduces material waste, produces a much faster turnaround time and significantly improves label quality.

Digital label printing allows you to easily purchase labels when you need them without the waste, delays, headaches and expenses of traditional printing methods. You can easily redesign your label for seasonal, regional, special or test promotional offers without overly expensive printing cost.

Using state-of-the-art Xeikon digital label printing equipment, KEX can easily accommodate your customize order exactly to your specs. Our Xeikon digital label printing equipment, your labels will be printed in an accurate, consistent and vibrant manner. You receive print-to-print registration, opaque whites for clear label designs and consistent color matching capabilities.

Whether your label printing requirements include a complex label design, generating maximum store shelf exposure or working on a fixed budget, we will provide you exactly what you need. The combination of our Xeikon digital label press and our extensive finishing equipment allows us to produce any custom label with the finishing treatments you desire.

At KEX we pride ourselves on utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment that is highly efficient and cost effective so you, our customers, get the highest quality label possible at the lowest possible price. Contact us to learn how KEX can reduce your label printing costs, improve your brand image and change your perception of digital label printing.

Digital Label Printing or Traditional Four Color Label Printing?

Digital label printing and four color label printing both produce high quality labels. At KEX we can print your labels using either process. This enables us to keep your label costs low regardless of the quantities you need since we always choose the method best suited to your project.

The printing process of digital label printing and traditional label printing is vastly different. And these differences are why the two methods are now viewed equally by some.

Here is more information about the difference between digital and traditional label printing.

Digital Label Printing and Four Color Label Printing Differences

Digital label printing presses are slow compared to traditional presses and since press time is costly, most larger quantity or long press runs are not cost effective when run uisng digital presses. In addition the cost of ink for digital label presses is significantly higher than traditional four color inks (another factor for longer press runs).

Four color label printing use printing plates while digital printing presses require no printing plates. For larger quantity/longer runs, the cost of plates maybe insignificant as the plate costs can is more than offset by the faster press speeds.

However for smaller and medium quantity runs this is the opposite.

Four color label printing also provides more diverse and versatile finishing options than some digital printing presses. For example, foil stamping, embossing and applying a variety of finishes cannot be done on digital presses.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Vitamin label printing, Pet supplement labels, Vitamin label design,Dietary supplement labels&Private label design


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