Top tips to boost Website Traffic

Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 5th, 2010

Website traffic is the main thought of any online business owner. Getting traffic is a major source of income. The internet marketers spend thousands of dollars to promote their website, and drive targeted traffic to their website.

Following are some ways to increase your website traffic dramatically:

Start a Blog

If you want more traffic to your site, then start a blog. It is a powerful search engine marketing and content marketing tool. By submitting unique articles and informative posts on these blogs, visitors may visit your blog on a regular basis which will result in a good ranking by google.

By Writing, and Submitting Articles

Write and submit informative articles in web directories and give link to your website. If your given information is valuable for visitors, they will definitely visit your website.

By Starting with Twitter

This is a blogging site where you give and update useful information about yourself or youe company and let others to read them. You also give link to your site in your articles, post, services etc. to get more targeted traffic to your website.

Participate in Forums

Forums are discussion sites, where you can participate on a consistent basis to increase targeted visitors to your site. Here you can express your offers, opinions, and resources during discussions.

By Joint Ventures

You can raise your web traffic to ask others in your niche to promote your trade links, and products. You can promote each other’s products and services to your sites. In joint ventures, both parties get benefits from one another.

By Continually Updating Your SEO

Search engine optimization is an art of gaining more traffic to your site. The targeted keywords will rank your site higher, and higher. So, continually update your SEO ranking by improving your targeted keywords.


Keep your eye on your web page ranking

Work with the key words to make your web site high on ranking.

By Video Marketing

You can place videos of your products, and services on the great video sites like Metcafe, and YouTube to market your website. Different software is available on the internet for video creation.


Make short videos about your site.

Your video must be informative.

Don’t forget to include your website address in the video and video description.

By Squidoo

This is a free platform for promoting your web business. This is just like blogs, where you can create fun interactive pages for your customers to read, and enjoy. You can also give links on these informative pages to attract more targeted traffic to your site.

By Hub Pages

The hub pages are similar to squidoo, it is a free web platform that offers you to submit informative pages about your, products, and services. The people read these pages, and visit your website. Do not forget to give link to your site in these pages.

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