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Posted by Avijit on August 31st, 2010

You have a personal website, or a hobby web site and you want to make some money from your website then Google AdSense you perfect choice for you. It is equally more profitable for those web sites, who have huge visitors.

Now the question is ?What is Google AdSense?? well Google AdSense is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement publishing platform for website owners.  The next question is ? ?Does Google AdSense need any fees?? and ?How do I access the Google AdSense?? ? well, the answer is ? Google AdSense if completely free for website owners, who willingly to publish Google?s contextual advertisement in their website, instead of any fees, Google will pay you a good amount for publishing their advertisements; and the last answer is ? you can access your Google AdSense Account by using your Gmail account credentials.

Set up a advertisement publishing environment is very simple. You need to log in your Google AdSense Account first, then set up the advertisement size based on the free space of your web site then select the advertisement type ? i.e. ? the text advertisement or Banner ad, and finally you will get the embed code for your site. Now you download the source file of your web site by using your favorite FTP software such as FileZilla, then open the source files in any web authoring tool like ? Adobe Dreamweaver and paste the embed code into your free space. That?s it. You are Done!

You have added the embed code into your site, what next? Okay, then upload all of your web site source code into your web server and start promoting your site to drag more visitors for your site. But remember, Google has very strong likes and dislikes; so before do anything with your AdSense code, you must read the Google?s AdSense policy carefully.

According to Google AdSense policy ? you are not permitted to - encouraging your users to click on the advertisements, your site must meet the Google?s Content policy, Do not keep any un-authorized copyrighted materials, Do not keep the competitive advertisement which will break the Google?s advertisement policies.

Here is a some ideas, which may help you to maximize your AdSense revenue without breaking the Google?s advertisement policy ?

-    Customize your advertisement with colors, borders, and links according to your site?s theme. That will increase the advertisement visibility to the user and fully compatible with your site not an external element.

-    Use your niche keyword in website content, because Google AdSense generate advertisement based on the site content?s nature.

Google AdSense is very much effective revenue generating tool for web site owners without any difficulty. By using those techniques you can effectively optimize your advertisement and earn money from Google AdSense.

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