System Of A Down ? A Nature Call

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

A bulk of modern pop stars owes their success to sexy images. Producers have finally explored a simple way of enriching themselves through launching video featuring hot males or females, depending upon the target people, complemented with unusual love lyrics. What is the reason for the SOAD?s popularity then? Their front man can hardly boast handsome appearance.

Their potent music is the matter, one would assert. It?s rather antisocial lyrics, others would object. However, both would turn out to be right and yet wrong, as they have failed to establish a genuine source of potential, suggesting that these cheery Armenians offer honest, pure ethnic themes and US modern trends meshed into the whole.

Ethnic music appears to breed harmony and rhythms, inherited from the forefathers. Since long, they?ve been fascinating, as they run in our blood. Every single sound in the SOAD?s melodies is filled with seducing sexuality and bizarre attractiveness. Admittedly, honesty is peculiar both for natural music and nature itself.

Thus, dealing with people, it broadens presence of such values as love, peace and harmony in the world. The SOAD?s harmony might sometimes acquire trifle rough form, however, world is rough itself, no wonder it reflects modern reality.

Another point, attracting people worldwide concerns their wild freedom, overriding any scopes, the one so desirable and complicated to achieve. Courage and power are characters, meant to be fancied by people.

In case you are interested in embarking on a new band, just keep in mind that success is inevitable, whilst honesty and courage prevail.

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