Different Shapes of Diamonds

Posted by Laxmi on August 12th, 2017

The shape of the diamond has an immediate impact which catches the people's attention. Though, the round shape of the diamond is considered as the classic shape till now, but, there are many other shapes with which people are experimenting. Experimenting with the shape of the diamond is also popular as it gives an instant charm to the personality of the person.

All the available shapes of the diamonds have their significance and impact. Some people prefer going with the traditional shape while some are trying the latest trendy yet elegant shape of the diamonds. No matter what the shape of the diamond is, people are buying the diamonds via online platforms to save their time. Many people are saving their time by choosing to buy diamond nose pins online in India. This helps them in finding the right jewelry easily and at an affordable price.

Dimaonds Shapes

Different shapes of diamonds:

According to Lumera, a diamond can be observed in the following shapes:

  1. Round Shape Diamonds: The round shape diamonds are also known as the traditional shape diamonds. These shape diamonds are generally more preferred over the other shapes of the diamonds. The round shape diamonds possess excellent light refraction properties because of the fire and brilliance.
  2. Princess Shape Diamonds: These shape diamonds are the most preferred diamonds for the engagement rings. They were first originated in 1980. This shape is very similar to the rectangular shape and is the second most desirable shape of the industry. The more rectangular variations in these shaped diamonds can reduce the value of the diamonds.
  3. Oval Shape Diamonds: As the name suggests, these diamonds are in oval shape. The Oval shape is also very much popular amongst the users. Oval shape can also be termed as a brilliantly cut round shape diamond. Just like the round shape diamonds, these diamonds also deliver excellence. The added advantage that the oval shape diamonds has is its elongated shape, which makes the stone looks bigger in size.
  4. Cushion Shaped Diamonds: The cushion shaped diamonds are a combination of round and princess shape diamonds. These diamonds are rectangular or square in shape with rounded corners. This combination of the two shape diamonds makes these to appear in the shape of the cushion. This shape diamond has been in the limelight for about 200 years from now and has never lost its charm.
  5. Emerald Shaped Diamonds: The emerald shape is a unique shape in itself. This shape is a much more transparent shape than the other shapes because of its step facets and beveled corners. Because it possesses a higher transparency than the rest of the diamond shapes, it requires an enhanced clarity.
  6. Marquise Shaped Diamonds: These shape is similar to that of a football but with brilliantly modified corners. It is a long and narrow shape which helps this shape to create an illusion that it is greater in size and shape. It has the maximum perceived size amongst all.

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