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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Those of you who love to enjoy a challenge and like to do creative crafts and therefore making your own music box can contain lots of fun. Here are directions to make a unique music box called ?Around the world.

Things you need
Unfinished recipe box of 5 ¾ wide * 3 ¾ ?deep * 4? high 18 note key wind musical movement T bar winding key, ¾ ? De? coupage sandpaper wood sealer. Decorative accessories for music box such as assortment of stamps, greeting card or postcard with traveling photo 2 brown ultra sued strips, 1/2? wide * 16 ½ ? long 2 buckles, ½ ? 4 brass corner brackets, 5/8? hasp catch, 1 ¾ * 5/8? small padlock.

Acrylic paint color: blue- gray, adhesives and spray sealer, industrial strength glue tacky glue gloss spray sealer, tools and brushes, drill with ¼? drill bit hammer old paintbrushes paintbrush ruler scissors X-acto knife.

Gather step by step
1. Use sandpaper, sand box and use an old paintbrush, apply wood sealer to the box by following the manufacturer?s directions. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Use a paintbrush, paint the box inside and outside with blue gray acrylic paint.

3. By using an old paintbrush, apply a thin layer of decoupage to box and sides of the lid, working an area of about 3? square at a time. Place stamps on the box and lid sides, overlapping them as desired. Stamps should be placed over opening between lid and box so that it could be cut open later. Use a ruler and an X-acto knife, cur greeting card to fit top of the box. Apply a thin coat of decoupage to lid top and place card in position.

4. By using an old paintbrush, apply a thin layer of tacky glue to wrong side of one ultra suede strip. Start from the bottom front left corner, ¾ ?in from side and 1 ½? from bottom, press strip to the box. Slide a buckle on and make a small hole to accommodate the stem of the buckle at center 1? from the end. Using scissors, cut corners of ultra suede strip on a 45 degree angle. Repeat the process for remaining ultra suede strip on a 45 degree angle. Repeat the process for remaining ultra suede strip on the other side of box. Allow to dry thoroughly.

5. Now use the X-acto knife and carefully cut the opening between the box and lid, starting the back.

6. Next drill a ¼? hole at the center back of box ¾? from the bottom. Use industrial strength glue, glue musical movement inside box, making sure the winding key shaft is centered in hole. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

7. Carefully hammer the corner brackets on the box. Turn the box back side down, center hasp catch and carefully hammer in nails. Then pull padlock on hasp catch and wind on winding key. Fill your box with favorite vacation photos.

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