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Posted by Novi Cahyani on August 14th, 2017

Domestic servants and babysitters (babysitters) is now a need of many families living in big cities. Especially in this modern era, where many mothers have to work outdoors and are forced to leave their children with domestic workers and baby sitter at home. Maids and babysitters are also much sought before and after Eid. People are still looking for and employing domestic workers or babysitters, although today there are many cases of crimes involving maids, as we often hear in mass media such as cases of maids who stole the property of the employer or babysitter who kidnapped his employer's son.

Finding the right helper and babysitter is not an easy matter. The level of trust is a major requirement in choosing a good helper and babysitter. To avoid the things that are not desirable, consider tips to get a good helper and babysitter below:

Through family, friends and neighbors.
By employing people who are well known (recommended) by family, friends and neighbors usually make us not worry that the person will be criminal. This is because we know clearly the family and the origin. Better still if there are relatives or friends who have never used the auxiliary services.

Have a complete identity such as ID card and home address.
Make sure the identity card is genuine and the address is clear, so it can be contacted in case something happens. When picking up a helper from a maid agency, choose a well-known and professional maid agency like United Channel.

Look at the history of her work experience (preferably those with a lot of work experience) and check with the family who had hired her before deciding to vote. See also whether the prospective helpers and babysitters have a criminal background or past events that are not good.
Should not hire a maid or babysitter who is too young age because of lack of experience.

If you feel comfortable with the prospective helpers and babysitter, introduce to the child. See if they can interact with your child or not.
Look at the reaction and listen to what your child says after meeting with the prospective nanny first. The fit between the child and his babysitter is very important.

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