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Posted by jeenniwill on August 14th, 2017

Faith is another name of strong belief about not what the God can do for you rather than he will. Childhood is the stage of our life where no worries and tensions can occupy your mind. Darkness cannot last long as the beam of light will come and replace the shades. It describes your thoughts which should only be well and good for others.
Child faith describes how we all need to have the child like faith. Without a doubt, a child requires growing and mature in their faith, but a child needs to have childlike faith to believe and trust the one who is responsible for all that is in immediate surroundings. It does not matter what child current level or status is in the church. Jesus said as we spend time in the presence of the Lord exercising and expressing our faith in Him; our actions behind our faith should produce a submissive spirit within us to want to serve him gracefully.
As child mature and walk in this Christian journey let they always remember to take the time to humble them and have childlike faith to believe and trust God.  No matter what position of authority they may have in the church. God honors good behavior and faith more than anything else we may do for Him in service. Bible Verses about Faith states also the confidence behind hope and assurance behind unseen objects. You should have the power of acceptance to allow the weak people without making a quarrel.
The fair attitude, a commitment to serve and submit to authority takes a humble gracious spirit. Always remember, we are not serving man, but we are serving the true and living God. Here we have It is quite different from childish faith as the word Childlike Faith seeks the understanding. If you want to be good in the kingdom of heaven childlike faith is an important thing. We provide only a loving, kind, God who is merciful and full of grace.
Although our very worst intentions and our very selfish and shameful decisions, God still loves us and He still wants the very best for us. God really wants to bless us and save us from our unrighteous selves, our sinful nature. Your faith makes you strong and makes you love the God beyond any reason and expectation. We talked about the love God has for each of us and how we charge to give Him praise providing for all He has done for us.

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