Is Rubber Playground Surface Safe for Children?

Posted by rubbercalinc on August 14th, 2017

Rubber playground surface is by far one of the safest surfaces for children to play.  Offering great grip and cushioning effect to break fall, rubber playground surface offers greater safety than most other surfaces. Non-contact or contact sports that involve running around may sometimes result in a fall and it is best that the fall does not result in injury. Rubber surfaces score better than other surfaces.

Protection from the impact of falls
Playground surfaces need to afford complete protection to children from falls. Sports being an engaging activity, will get children to be fully involved and play with careless abandon in true sporting spirit.  However, this could lead to falls that may be hard and absolutely unexpected. A fall that is totally unexpected will give the kid very little time to take any evasive or reflex action to soften the fall. It will then all depend on the surface of the playing area to lessen the impact. Rubber surfaces will soften the fall and prevent children from getting injured.

Getting away from bruises
Rough playground surfaces tend to cause bruises in children who have soft falls. Minor slips and loss of balance are a part of games and practice. Outdoor games are best enjoyed when the children take part fully in the games without the apprehensions of falling or hurting themselves. Rubber surfaces offer the right kind of cushioning impact that prevent bruises from forming when children slip and fall during play. Other surfaces may be rough with the possibilities of a stray pebble on the surface which can cause deeper gashes or injuries to children.

Even surface for better movement
One of the greater advantages of rubber playground surfaces is the fact that they are level and even. This helps the children to play better without having to contend with a sudden change in elevation. The movement of any ball over the surface would also be smooth and not result in the ball suddenly raising and striking the children. Sports and games are all about practice and involvement. A safe atmosphere will help children to practice better with greater involvement.

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