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Posted by jewelrybrand on August 14th, 2017

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Every designer will have a very good design. So I think the designer is the most creative career. Jewelry designers are also very attractive. Each of the charms jewelry is designed by the designer. Designers need to try to figure out the user’s psychology, but also according to the trend of the trend, the design of the new jewelry. Such as Cartier’s designer is a very good. Replica Cartier Ring will be held “She Inspires Art” auction on September 16 in London, the biggest highlight of the auction is Turkish designer Sevan Bıçakçı a stamp showing Replica Cartier Love Rings. Replica Cartier Love Rings is “Tulip Times’ means in Turkish, especially 1718–1730 Ottoman Empire, one of the most stable period. After the Ottoman-Venetian War, Ottoman Turkey entered a relatively stable period of peace in history, there has been planting tulips frenzy under the leadership of high society, the performance of this piece is the “Tulip Era” of the earth around the Turkish tulip flowers. The ring with a cabochon-cut white crystal as the main stone, underneath the main stone is a cluster using the intaglio process is made of pink tulips, surrounded by inlaid with rubies and diamonds in Mozambique. Ring care in part by gold and black do the old process made of silver, both sides carved with abstract tulip pattern, at the inside of polished gold ring care background, like a ray of warm sunshine on the beautiful tulips. Sevan Bıçakçı designer born in 1965, 12 years into the Turkish jeweler Replica Cartier Ring Workshop became an apprentice at the age of 37 founded his own jewelry brand. He obtained from the motherland’s traditional culture inspired, created a lot of jewelry works with the Byzantine and Ottoman artistic style, by Elizabeth Hurle, Halle Berry and Celine Dion and other performers of all ages.

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